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Where have the good men gone?

January 26, 2014
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Where have the good men gone, silence, the tyranny spawned. Tongues held silent, eternally regret, evil abounds as good men let.

First attack, launched at schools, faith replaced by godless rules. Abortion, homosexuality, birth control pills, corrupt young minds, break their wills.

A president slain, a clear message sent, no safe haven, not even Kent. A man of cloth killed, wrong place, right time, two deaths hide their treasonous crimes.

In the balance a sovereignty hangs, economy torn by corporate fangs. He who controls the money makes the laws. Sever the root, the tree will fall.

Shred to pieces, torn asunder, good men's silence permit their plunder. Once under God this nation stood, now freedom dwindles for lack of good.

Oh good man they invade your house, no creature is stirring, not even a mouse. Oh good man who'll help you now, you've traded your God for the golden cow.

Just how long will good men let, a storm is upon us, too late to fret. A nation once upon freedom stood, has now replaced the love of evil for good.

Randy Sims


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