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Barnum’s out, Pinocchio’s in

November 24, 2013
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

The 15 million Americans who have lost or are about to lose their present health care plans due to President Barack Obama's "affordable" health care law have voted and the result is unanimous - Barnum is out, Pinocchio is in!

The next vote will be made by the majority of Americans who were promised lower health care premiums and are not getting them. If you think your premiums have gone up this year, just wait until next fall when your health care bill really skyrockets. What happened to the "affordable" part of this law that was supposed to reduce our premiums and stimulate the economy? Assuring Americans that our health care premiums would be lowered with this law was just more of Pinocchio being Pinocchio. Pinocchio will say anything to move his Marxist agenda forward. Unless this law is changed quickly, health care as we know it will no longer exist. Health care is needed for all American citizens, but Obamacare is not the answer. Not only are Americans losing their health care and premiums are going up, thousands of doctors are leaving the system due to this flawed law. Based on the structure of this law it won't be long before Obamacare will not allow older Americans to have heart surgeries, hip replacements or any treatment that is too expensive. All of you octogenarians out there will be denied treatment because you will be considered too old to invest money in - Marxism at work.

Recently, the Republicans shut down the government in an effort to stop this travesty; it wasn't such a bad idea after all. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and other conservatives knew what was about to happen. By the way, Republican Sen. Cruz is Hispanic and attended Harvard Law School, graduating magna cum laude. For those interested in the truth, Cruz's school records have been made public, unlike Pinocchio Obama's school records. Could this be Pinocchio being Pinocchio once again?

I think it is really ironic that Pinocchio Obama's Waterloo will be his own health care law. Talk about poetic justice. I guess God does work in mysterious ways. The disturbing part of this is that since we know that Obama lied about the "affordable" health care law, what would make you think he hasn't lied about Fast and Furious, unemployment numbers, the NSA, the IRS or Benghazi? For that matter, why should we believe anything he says? God has blessed America; Obama's chickens have finally come home to roost.

Just a couple of notes - for those liberals out there who are drifting out to sea and think the Muslim Brotherhood is just another fraternal organization, I refer you to the letter I wrote. For those of you who read a birth announcement and see that there is no father in the picture and can't figure out the statistical result, you should also refer to my letter. Once again, my dad knew what he was talking about.

Rick Mikula


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