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What happened to America?

November 10, 2013
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

This is fact - life is not a game, and we are not the trinkets that are moved around the board at the discretion of the players.

As a nation of citizens holds its breath and wonders what will come next, there is worry. There is suffering and that is where the word shame needs to be placed.

Who refused our veterans the right to visit the war memorials? Who withheld burial expenses for a fallen solder who was killed defending the freedom of our country? Is it appropriate to call this a disgrace?

I wonder how anyone with a conscience can hurt the most vulnerable of our land to prove their power.

Who is affected by the actions that we watch on the daily newscasts or read in the newspapers?

It is the veterans, the retirees and those who can't make ends meet. It is the children who need to eat and the widows who live on meager income.

Who sees the hurt and sacrifice that exists? Who will be the next person to awaken with this reality?

How can anyone have such an authority as to deny our right of religious conscience or the freedom to worship without interference?

The unborn babies have lost the battle of life. Why? They aren't considered human beings. They are thought of as a mass of flesh that just happens to have a soul, a heart and a brain.

The elderly? Pushed away from existence as nonessential, when they should be deeply respected for their wisdom and years of sacrifice.

Our words can describe many things, but how can they explain such a drastic turn of events? Are we at the beginning of the end?

We the people have labored for many years to live our independent lifestyle.

There may be heart problems, breathing difficulties and even cancer, but we paid our own way.

What is left for us? We will sit in our homes as utility and food prices go up and hope that our Social Security payments and Medicare benefits won't be stopped.

Yes, this is why we pray. Where else would we place our trust?

Do we wait for the next tirade of who is right or who is wrong? Will we watch the same episodes of indifference that causes more division between people?

I will be patient in this new age where priorities are on power instead of brotherhood, where tearing down is more important than building up and were fact and shame are being confused with criticism and blame.

I haven't cried for many years, but now I weep at the poor decisions that are made in the name of progress.

How long must we struggle? When does it end?

They say, "It isn't over until the fat lady sings." Well, I've just cleared my voice and turned on the music.

What happened to our America, land of the free and home of the brave?

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork

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