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Two really good football teams got after it Saturday

October 28, 2013
By MIKE MATHISON - Sports editor ( , The Herald-Star

How often does hype meet reality?


Super Bowls are usually mediocre because for every game that comes down to the final moments, you have a 45-10 whooping.

World Series and NBA championships are best-of-7 and not all good games are good.

Boxing and MMA events are do not always meet the hype of the fights.

Saturday night at Jimmy Carey Stadium, hype squarely met reality.

And, it was a pleasure to watch.

A perfect game?


But, does that really take away from two teams beating the snot out of each other?


There is not any player or coach associated with that game who doesn't wish their performance was better.

After an amazing catch on fourth-and-11 from the 29 with 38.8 seconds left, Madonna quarterback Ross Comis snuck in from the 1 with to give the Blue Dons a 22-17 victory over Steubenville Catholic Central.

But all the people on both sides who have been running their mouths - stop.

Zip it and be thankful you witnessed a game that was all that and then more.

The Crusaders and Dons have played two straight "Instant Classics."

Many people who go to sporting events are lucky to see one.

Many of you have now seen two.

Count your blessings for that.

Be thankful for that.

No need to be disrespectful about anything.

Did officials miss calls?


Players missed passes, missed blocks and missed other assignments.

Although, I will take exception with the sideline warnings that were called.

They were called after coaches on both sidelines got heated over what was or wasn't called.

That is not the intent of the rule.

And, this is not the first time I have seen it called this way.

Please call the rule the way it is supposed to be called or start throwing flags.

And, since those in black-and-white shirts have yet to throw a 15-yarder for unsportsmanlike conduct on the sidelines (except for the rare occasion), keep your flag inside your belt and watch what is going on between the white lines.

I will also say this about a call or two - Central head coach Steve Daley is as mild-mannered on the sidelines that I have seen as a head coach.

When he yells about a call - or lack thereof ...

One thing is for certain - both teams are suiting up again this week.

Madonna visits Toronto on Friday and Central welcomes Magnolia.

Both are big games.

The Blue Dons are riding the undefeated train through the regular season and three possible home dates at Jimmy Carey in the playoffs.

The Crusaders are 8-1 and a win over the Blue Eagles will entrench them in third place in Division VII, Region 25.

That will give Central its first home playoff game since the state title game run in 2005. It whipped Thompson Ledgemont 48-14 that year to start the road toward Massillon.

On Saturday, Central totaled 318 yards off offense and Madonna 313 and both defenses were getting after it.

Why can't people just accept that two really good teams beat the tar out of each other, left it all on the field and one had to win and one had to lose?

Sometimes, folks, it's really that simple.

Both teams will be better because of Saturday's game.

It was a playoff atmosphere as the playoffs are right around the corner.

I know a lot of kids on both sides and they are all class kids, along with their teammates and coaching staffs.

The Harrison Central football team put it all together Friday night in beating Indian Creek.

It early was the best game of the year for the Huskies.

It knocked Indian Creek, basically, out of playoff contention. The Redskins still have a chance, as does Week 10 opponent, rival Edison, but a laundry list of things have to happen for a Week 11 game to be in the forecast.

The unfortunate thing for the Huskies, though, is a Week 1 blown referee's call on a two-point conversion in overtime will likely play the largest role in not making the playoffs.

Just wondering if any parent from the Washington Blue Lions, who are 5-4, filed a bullying claim after the team lost 98-20 to Bishop Ready or 71-0 to Clinton-Massie?

Didin't think so.

(Mathison, a Weirton resident, is the sports editor of the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and can be contacted at

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