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Obamacare just more lies

October 27, 2013
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Has anyone reading this tried logging onto the Obamacare website? How many tries did it take?

The one thing on which this insanely spendthrift administration didn't blow billions in ridiculous overspending is the one thing it should have - its showpiece.

Of course, some software experts insist that even the $200 million invested was 200 times what it should have cost and, as it turns out, the site uses long-outmoded, 10-year-old technology. But HHR Director Kathleen Sebelius won't be questioned about it; she's going to be at "a gala," and therefore conveniently unable to address Congress' inquiries.

But please, this was never meant to work - it's designed to be a confusing, bureaucratic Gordian Knot, which will eventually be cut by the sword of Alexander called the one-payer system, truly government-run health care, which will eventually be offered up as an alternative to the outrageously expensive cost increases more and more people are discovering, as they more intimately acquaint themselves with the "Affordable" Care Act. The one-payer system is the goal of the thing - after all, Harry Reid said so.

Why anyone would want to trust their health care to a government which can't even build a proper website - something which any pre-teen computer enthusiast can do-I don't know, but there will doubtless be many low-information voters, who will.

I personally think the site was designed to crash, so that they could brag about how many people were trying to sign up. "Look, America - there were so many, they crashed the site!"

Fortunately, word spread too quickly about the glitches; so, as with everything else that blows up in their faces, they did a clumsy little shuffle, and lied. So truly inept and ham-handed, however, they can't even lie well.

Even the mainstream Obamedia is starting to cock its head, look sideways and ask questions. When a smarmy, openly partisan liberal pundit like John Stewart expresses the opinion that he was lied to by Sebelius, things are getting shaky. That happens, when lies are built atop lies.

It's so obvious. Yet, as always when Obama blatantly lies, his brain-washed, utterly duped faithful will obediently don their glazed, empty-eyed smiles, nod their heads and help spread the falsehoods and propaganda.

This isn't about compassion; providing affordable care to poor people. As with all welfare programs, it's about making them dependent upon, and addicted to, this, the ultimate entitlement. It's about government exercising the ultimate power over the individual - controlling your health. It's about bankrupting individuals and private insurance companies, so that the one-payer government plan is the only option we, the unwashed masses, will eventually have.

A friend's brother-in-law is a lifelong Democrat and thus, naturally, a big Obamaniac. He told my friend that it took four tries, but when he finally got registered, he discovered that his costs will have nearly tripled, that he makes too much for the subsidy, and has no doctors, within a two-hour drive.

Welcome to Obamacare, liberals. We told you so.

Rob Denham


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