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The Children's Corner

September 26, 2013
By GEORGE CREEGAN - Staff correspondent , The Herald-Star

Our Little White Dog Named Jet

Jet was a white puppy named Jet because he was quick to our lap and quick to lick our faces. Jet had wandered into our lives from outside our neighborhood. We didn't know what breed he was, but we soon learned how brave he was.

A cow got lost from a farm over the hill and trotted into our garden. He saw what the rabbits were munching on, and he started helping himself to the carrots and lettuce.

But Jet ran over to the cow and barked and nipped at his tail and chased him next door to their fenced in enclosure, and when he had the cow safely enclosed, shut the gate with his nose. He ran back to our door and barked. We saw what happened, and called the farmer to come get his cow. The farmer was so grateful he sent us cans of fresh milk.

We certainly appreciated our little white dog!

The Lions Club

The Lions Club of Dahomey, South Africa, had a meeting and thought it would be a good time for a steak fry. But they couldn't decide who was going to track down the bull or cow and who was going to kill it.

Bill, the head lion, said he would appoint a lion to sniff out the cow or bull and then drag it by the neck to the lions' headquarters.

So they did - and it was the best steak fry the Lions Club ever had!

Clawdia the Cardinal

She washed her left foot

Then her right foot

And hummed to herself

What shall I be when I grow up?

Cardinals don't sing

"No," her mother said. "I think you should take singing lessons with our canary friends."

So, Clawdia did, and she learned how to sing, and everyone was surprised that she had perfect pitch, and her breath control was excellent. But Clawdia never sang at the MET but only on Sundays outside the church.

(George Creegan writes Children's Corner for Weekender.)

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