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Children's Corner: The Mouse Floater

September 5, 2013
By GEORGE CREEGAN - For The Weekender , The Herald-Star

The little French mouse was born in Paris, and always wanted to see what his city looked from the air.

So he walked into the Paris suburbs to the fairgrounds. There he saw a large, hot air balloon hanging from a cupola and tied with rope. The mouse ran up a rope and climbed into the cupola.

The mouse was named Anselmo. Shortly after the captain of the air balloon jumped on board. He saw the mouse and introduced himself.

"My name is Gregoire," said the captain.

"And my name is Anselmo," said the mouse. "Look, captain - there is the awful tower!"

"That tower is one of Paris' most important landmarks," said the captain. "So is that church below us. It's St. Valentines Church, named after Saint Valentine."

And after they flew all over Paris they returned to the fairgrounds. Anselmo thanked Gregoire, ran down the rope and back home. He always remembered Gregoire and what Paris looked like from the air.

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