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What do skeptics believe in?

September 8, 2013
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Skeptics? Do they believe in any solution that deals with honesty or the rights of all Americans?

Do they truly believe that unborn children don't deserve to be a part of our nation?

Was it a mistake that the Constitution was written for everyone in the country, or do only a select few deserve the freedom of this document?

Were the words of the Declaration of Independence given to an entire people?

Yes, I have many questions, and they should be answered by someone who is not biased by a phony skepticism.

Can anyone tell me, word for word, the First Amendment rights without scanning over them beforehand?

Must we always delve into Webster's Dictionary when we want to explain an unneeded term about something that makes very little sense?

Oh, so many questions, right? This is how we learn, not by believing we have all of the answers, but by understanding we most definitely have something to believe in.

There are important issues that are occurring in this country and the world that need our attention.

Does it seem logical that there are concerns about a repeat of Sept. 11. Will we ever experience biological or chemical warfare in our lifetime? Is it possible that there will be a third World War?

Is it fair to assume that our privacy is a thing of the past and there is a worry over the the economy?

Should I let these thoughts fade away because parallel lines, when crossed, will cause a train wreck?

My questions are many, and I have seen that states of life changed from reproductive to unproductive. Would this force me to look in the dictionary to find the meaning of demographic winter?

I wonder if we will ever see a brighter day for children who are destroyed before both, sentenced to death by mad men with weapons, or youngsters to be able to achieve adulthood without suffering any form of abuse?

I've read that I must put these problems aside to fret over an orangutan that resembles Donald Trump.

Will we fret and worry about a possibility of an asteroid striking the earth in the near future?

Will we experience solar explosions of an episode of multiple sinkholes?

Or will we rest for weeks at a time and get back to wondering about fish, lunatics and which padded cell belongs to whom?

Does my belief in God seem to disturb people who do not have faith? Why?

I love this country, but also my Savior, with all of my being. It is my right to worship, in a land where God has been pushed aside when he's needed now more than ever.

When we are past the 11th hour and proceeding into our final moment on Earth, would it be wise to believe we were one nation under God, or will the skeptics still rely on an ape?

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork

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