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Steubenville High graduates recognized, awarded Sunday

May 20, 2013
From staff reports , The Herald-Star

STEUBENVILLE - Staff, faculty, family and friends were on hand Sunday to witness the city high school Class of 2013 receive awards, honors and scholarships during the 41st-annual Steubenville High School Academic Awards Banquet.

The annual banquet is a time for those who worked hard in high school to learn of rewards presented to them through community scholarships and awards, according to Charles Kokiko, director of curriculum, who also was master of ceremonies for the banquet.

Commencement will be held at 7 p.m. May 30 at Harding Stadium.

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MASTER OF CEREMONIES — The Steubenville High School Class of 2013 learned of honors and scholarship presented during the 41st-annual SHS Academic Awards Banquet held Sunday. Charles Kokiko, director of curriculum, acted as master of ceremonies for the event. - Mark J. Miller

The following awards and scholarships were presented: Women's Club of Steubenville, Carly Moro; Rotary Club, Faith Bauman; Medical Mutual, George Oller; Kindred Spirit Award, Jessica Ray; Lions Club: Ryan Wood and Francesca Torini; Huntington Bank, Ryan Wood; Sojourner Truth Federated Club, Kesaun Austin; and LaBelle Methodist Church, Robert Callahan.

Steubenville City Schools Foundation Awards were presented to Mallory Giannamore, Jacob McKitrick, Janna Olesky, Evan Westlake, Brittany Freas, Toschel Demus, Todd Birney, Queen Elder, Kelsey Vodvarka and Ronald Dawson.

Other awards were the School Minority Education Scholarship, which went to Whitley Wade; Legends of Big Red Football, Joe Nation; Big Red Boosters, Mallory Giannamore, Charlie Keenan; and SHS Football Moms, Ryan Wood, Joe Nation.

Steubenville City Schools Alumni awards went to Brandon Llewellyn, Anthony Craig and Kayla Byrom; Kiwanis Club, Brandon Llewellyn; the Laurels Health Care, Kayla Crites; Martin Luther King Association, Nala Colliers, Cierra Macon and Glenn Perdue; Ray Agresta Memorial, Hannah Stover; DiMichael, Ryan Wood; Dragoun, Perigon West; Billy Mason, Kelsey Vodvarka; Pfannenschmidt, Alyson Westfall; Mosti, Sara Scott; OBIE, Matt Petrella; Big Red, Kayla Crites; and Bush, Francesca Torini.

Other awards presented included the LAWS Movement, Joe Dubois, Perigon West, Breanna Jones; Kerr Family, Kelsey Vodvarka, Pat Pizzoferato; Brendan Milliken Memoria, Shane Fabros; Liz Repella, Nysha Jones; Saltsman, Robert Callahan, Katrina Slivka; Ching, Evan Westlake, Nysha Jones, Mallory Giannamore; Debbie Beattie Memorial, John Linn; Mary Coleman, Brooke Carroll; BEEMAS, Ryan Wood; Michael Williams, Maynard Reed; Class of '59, Anthony Craig; Paul Firm Memoria, Francesca Torini; Jack Kaufman Memorial, Shane Fabros; Gloria Gosseye Memorial, Cierra Macon; Golembeski, Geena Diomedi, Shauna Contumelio; Barbara Johnson Memorial, Pat Pizzoferato; J&V Kelley, Jessica Ray; Marsha Coffman Memorial, Faith Bauman; Barren Family, Anthony Craig; Bob and Jane Medley, Brooke Carroll; Gladys Anderson, Jessica Ray; Derek Hughes, Matt Petrella, Luke McCourt; Albert Teramana, Ryan Wood; Wilson/Zavacky, Haley Knight; Mary Cornelius, Mason Heatherington; Christy Riccelli Memorial, Corinne Porter; Starliper Family, Geena Diomedi; Herbert Leicy, Geena Diomedi; Huntington Memorial, Frasncesca Torini, Shauna Contumeliol; Angie Baker Memorial, Nysha Jones; Joanne McGowan Memorial, Corinne Porter; Class of '61, Alysan Westfall, Francesca Torini; Scaffidi Soccer, Brandon Llewellyn; Shirley Sweeney Memorial, George Oller; LISA, Katrina Slivka; Turrentine, Gabe Ofca; Doug Naylor Soccer, Joe Dubois; and Lane, Abraham Lesinski, Brittany Gates, Brianna Richardson, George Oller.

The Sandy Grimm award went to Haley Knight; Dick and Margaret Baker, Ryan Wood; William Callender Memorial, Ryan Wood; Lee Ann Corsi, Janna Olesky; Cori Morrow, Whitley Wade; Lt. Greg Besozzi, Pat Pizzoferato; Albino Bodo, Joe Nation; Brian Morrow, Charlie Keenan; Firm Family, Janna Olesky; Abe Bryan, Charlie Keenan; Chuck Watt, Matt Petrella; Eleanor Naylor, Brooke Carroll; Gaylord, Christina Archer; Vince Gryszka Memorial, Mason Heatherington; Joan Powell, Brooke Carroll, John Linn; Musgrave, Nikki Skeens; Naomi Cook, Charlie Keenan; Yanok Family, Ryan Wood; and Vein Family, Ryan Wood.

The Pugliese grants went to Glenn Perdue, Brittany Freas, Toschel Demus and Queen Elder.

Other awards presented were the Kamarados award, Hannah Stover; Hedmond, Ryan Wood; Saccoccia Family, Ryan Wood, Charlie Keenan; Stan and Carole Gaston, Brandon Llewellyn, Ryan Wood; Gloria Mathews Coan, Corinne Porter; Samuel S. Johnston, Abraham Lesinski, Alysan Westfall, Sara Scott; Lt. John Casper Kaufman Memorial, Robert Callahan; Dorothy Porter Simmons, Mallory Giannamore, Brittany Gates, Carly Moro; Judith Martin Fulton, Corinne Porter; Lewis Giamarco, Jacob McKitrick; Shirley Klein Memorial, Nysha Jones, Matt Petrella, Joe Nation; John Pergi, Brooke Carroll; Millicent Pearce, Christina Archer; Fahey Family, Ryan Ledakis; Pales Memorial, Reshawn Kaufman; Bressler Family, Carly Moro; Corsi Family, Brooke Carroll; Crosier/Keenan, Charlie Keenan; D'Anniballe Family, John Linn; Howard "Tiny" Linn, John Linn; Kittle, Whitley Wade; Keenan Family, Charlie Keenan; James Murray, Brianna Richardson; Ang Vaccaro, Matt Petrella; Richard Vosper Memorial, John Linn; Donna R. White, Abraham Lesinski; Thomas R. Brown, DDS, Kayla Crites; Susie Henderson Memorial, Shauna Contumelio; J.J. Macedonia Memorial, Nikki Skeens; John Maltese Memorial, John Linn; Patterson, Ronald Dawson, Kayla Byrom; Sarap Family, Mason Heatherington; Douglas Applegate, Todd Birney; Georgiafandis, Ryan Ledakis; Dean Martin, Francesca Torini; Mick, Brandon Llewellyn; George Pearce, Addy Zane; George and Mary Belle Wade Memorial, Ryan Ledakis; Ranallo Family, Marisa McAllister; Lighthizer Memorial, Breanna Jones; Harry Reed, Gabe Ofca; Edith Wilson, Geena Diomedi, Marissa McAllister; Crawley, Jessica Ray; Hauser, Hannah Stover; Dennis Palmer Memorial, Cierra Macon; Rhinaman Family, Janna Olesky; Academy of Tae Kwan Do, Brandon Llewellyn, Shauna Contumelio, Charlie Keenan, Hannah Stover, Pat Pizzoferrato; Romano Memorial, Kayla Crites; David E. Hindman Memorial, Sara Scott; Curtis Greenberg, Geena Diomedi; Albaugh-Wherry, John Linn; McBride, Hannah Stover; Bauknect, Jessica Ray; Barkhurst, Alyson Westfall, Brittany Gates, Evan Westlake, Marissa McAllister; Lodge, Marissa McAllister; Smythe, Brooke Carroll; Bressler, Mallory Giannamore; Joe Heatherington, Mason Heatherington; Safford, Cierra Macon, Nysha Jones; J,C. Williams, Gabe Ofca; Doug Naylor, Katrina Slivka; Helen B. and William Priest, Joe Dubois.

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