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The Children's Corner

April 25, 2013
By GEORGE CREEGAN , The Herald-Star

Sean said, "How about a pack rat?'

"They only steal shiny things," said Larry. "They showed me some of their collections last week. No nuts."

"Who is left" asked Sean.

"Raccoons. Yes, raccoons," Josh declared.

"But how do we stop them?" asked Larry.

"Well, we have to have plan," said Josh. "What do you think of this idea?"

Both put their heads together for a few minutes. They believed they had the plan to stop the raccoons from pilfering their nut stock. That night they went to their bank tree to wait for the raccoon robber.

The raccoon slipped into the tree opening and was met by the squirrels making loud noises and whipping in the tree branches. They whipped him so badly he ran out of the opening and down the tree.

"He won't come back," laughed Josh.

"Didn't he look like a bank robber?" said Sean.

"All raccoons look like bank robbers," said Larry.

Everyone laughed, secure they wouldn't starve this year.

(George Creegan writes Children's Corner for Weekender.)

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