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‘Dead of the Class’ to be performed

April 11, 2013
From staff reports , The Herald-Star

MINGO JUNCTION - Mystery Theatre Unlimited brings its newest mystery dinner theater production, "Dead of the Class," to Mingo Junction for the Woman's Club of Mingo Junction's fundraiser at 6:30 p.m. April 20 at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at 117 Legion Drive.

The show supports the woman's club youth programs.

As the Class of 1988 prepares for its 25th reunion, committee members become embroiled in fighting among themselves about old rivalries, missed opportunities and failed romances, leading to laughter for the audience and making the reunion a lethal one for the characters.

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DEADLY REUNION — The Class of 1988’s reunion takes a deadly turn in Mystery Theatre Unlimited’s “Dead of the Class,” where old rivalries and failed romances turn lethal. The show stars, from left, Ryan Sears as former valedictorian Marvin Gardens, Shannan Noe as ex-head cheerleader Holly Hox, Michael Moran as explosive Coach Krunk, Bert Furioli as football-hero-gone-to-seed Tank Hughes and Butch Maxwell as brilliant and overlooked Olive Boyle. - Contributed

Leading the committee is Coach Krunk (Michael Moran), a recent release from the Gary Busey School of Anger Management. Once-upon-a-time star quarterback Tank Hughes (Bert Furioli) had a disappointing post-high school career, but is determined to relive his former glory. Tank's ex-girlfriend, former head cheerleader, Miss Popularity and Mean Girls Club President Holly Hox (Shannan Noe) also is on the committee, and former valedictorian - and favorite target for Tank's bullying - Marvin Gardens (Ryan Sears) is determined to win her affection. Brilliant Olive Boyle (Butch Maxwell) nurses a life-long crush on Marvin and, overshadowed by Holly, can't catch his attention.

In the first act, Tank and Holly challenge one another to turn the "nerds" into swans by the reunion, while Coach Krunk attempts to hold on to his temper and popular 1980s hits are parodied.

Mystery theatre performances include audience interaction and the opportunity to solve a murder mystery.

Audience members are encouraged to gather clues, talk to the characters and question the survivors. Selected audience members will play small parts during the show.

"Dead of the Class" is the company's 54th unique show, written by cast members Sears, Furioli and Maxwell. The show is appropriate for all ages.

Reservations must be made in advance by calling (740) 598-1689 or (740) 282-3246.

For private party inquiries, call (304) 280-8681.

For information, visit

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