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Real estate transfers

January 20, 2013
The Herald-Star

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Christopher and Michelle Atwood to Marcel and Margery Lollini, 2.56 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Robert and Jacqueline Wellington to Brian and Anissa Wellington, 8.286 acres, Knox Township.

Julius Sferrella (deceased) to Irene Sferrella, lot 32, Dixon Heights.

Robert Morris to Patricia Morris, lot 12, McNeal's Heirs; part tracts 14-15, Buena Vista; lots 146-147, 180-181, Silver Stream Knolls; metes, Island Creek Township; metes, Steubenville Township; metes, Cross Creek Township; and metes, Wayne Township.

James Barnett (deceased) to John Barnett and Judy Fultz, 0.526 acre, Island Creek Township.

David and JoAnne Bloodsworth to Jason Alberts, lot 4, Swickard's Revised No. 3.

Amy Wood to Barry and Courtney Vargo, 1.8 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Judy Gilmore and others to True Sun LLC, part lots 144-145, Manhattan.

Sun Trust Mortgage Inc. to Housing & Urban Development, 0.81 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Gregory and Laila Burghardt to Janet Ray, part lot 55, Simmons & Foster.

US Bank to Housing & Urban Development, lot 15, Bowers First.

Carole Biggio to Jerry and Judith Barilla, Unit 4353 Steeple Chase (survivorship).

Michael Cutshaver to Sandra Clifton and Judy Keller, lots 2, 4 and 6, Original East Springfield.

David Dittmar to 1524 Oregon LLC, lot 152 Beverly Hills; and lots 25, 116, 104, 155 and 180, Manhattan.

Ronald and Tammie Flesher to Maria Belback and Maria Gray, lots 11-12, Banfield Improvement.

Jerry Carter to Jay Foster, 0.852 acre, Island Creek Township.

Laura McAllister (deceased) to James McAllister, lot 16, Pleasant Heights.

Kelly Hays to Michael Berry, part lots 174-175, Labelleview.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to EH Pooled 1012 LP, metes, Knox Township.

Beverly and John Lengyel to Emerald Delbrugge and Tammy Mitchell, 6.79 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

David Baker (deceased) to Mark Baker, lot 106, Altamont.

Irene Fedoryka (deceased) to Damian Fedoryka, part lots 7-8, Pleasant Heights.

Damian Fedoryka to Alexander and Danylo Fedoryka, part lots 7-8, Pleasant Heights (survivorship).

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Terry and Lauren Gooch, 4.148 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Fannie Mae to Amy Atchison, lot 12, Eva Maria.

Mary Tingler to James Burkett, lot 9, Steward Heir's Second.

Timothy and Elizabeth Stapp to Anita Keenan, lot 115, Walton Acres No. 2.

Paul Vass to Rodney Spring, 51.743 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Kevin Minter to Richard Kaiser, lot 108, Beverly Hills.

Ann and Harry McKnight to McKnight Property Holdings LLC, metes, Ross Township.

April and Eric Crew to Charles Reed, lot 73, Longvue.

Joseph and Kathleen Corabi to 2700 Sunset LLC, 1.4957 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Kathleen and Joseph Corabi to Kathymac LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Helen Talamine (deceased) to Eva Sipcich, metes, Knox Township.

Daniel and Kim Feeley to Charles Hennessey and others, 30.002 acres, Island Creek Township.

Riverside Medical Development LLC to United Group Realities Inc., 0.878 acre, Island Creek Township.

Doris and Rommel Dallas to Dallas MPH LLC, metes and 0.9774 acre, Knox Township.

Fannie Mae to Timothy Jones, 0.9469 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Wesbanco Bank Inc. to Jerffrey Aulet and Dave Molesky, lot 197, Walton Acres No. 3.

Ralph Tinney (deceased) to Martha Tinney, 6.37 acres, Salem Township.

Martha Corder and others to Randy Tinney, 20.5242 acres, Salem Township.

William Iddings to Collinswood LLC, metes, Knox Township; and metes, Saline Township.

Anna Clark (deceased) to Raymond Clark Jr. and Joyce Degenhardt, 0.05 acre and 33.358 acres, Smithfield Township..

Patricia Burns (deceased) to Frederick Burns, 0.927 acre and 1.1501 acres, Island Creek Township.

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