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Feed the seed of life this season

December 23, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

A lot of people are asking why and how something like Sandy Hook killings could occur, and it is more complicated than any one of us could explain.

I hate to connect these two issues but I've said, "If a person could kill their own mother, they have no regard for life of any sort." That being said, going back to legalized abortion - if a mother or father could take the life of their own child, they have no real regard for life as the Bible teaches. The battle should be who is going to take care of a child, the mother or the father, and not who is going to get rid of the child.

With a lot of today's laws from our Christian forefathers being compromised to satisfy everyone, our morals are decaying more and more since the 1960s. The Bible states that "Thou shalt not kill," and there's more, but nowadays we can't really mention Jesus or God so as to be politically correct. That doesn't explain everything that happened, but it should be considered. The morals of his great country are decaying far too much.

Remember the seed of life this season and not the seed of death. Feed the seed of life - Merry Christmas

Pat McPherson


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