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Don’t forget the children

December 23, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

There are no lullabies to say, no words to speak, it's so quiet from day to night - only loss and unending tears and the last fear of the small survivors from a small school in Connecticut.

Life goes on another day, and perhaps another year and so on.

We get caught up in our everyday lives, but not the parents and families of these victims of gun violence. When do we hear these 20 beautiful children and their teachers as they were crying in vein to stop the killing?

We live in a free nation - our ancestors fought and many died for freedom. Was their fight to give disturbed and angry humans and criminals the freedom to end the lives of innocent children and adults?

Is the freedom to buy guns or any powerful weapon the price to take even one life, or 16 lives, or 26 lives? When does it end? How many more - I've lost count.

Freedom does not give anyone the enabling right to take even one person's life or the lives of children and their brave teachers.

To those who cry, "Guns are my Constitutional right" - what if just one of those children was your child or grandchild? Remember, a gun in the hands of a mentally disturbed person or a criminal - it could be.

They don't care - they have the gun.

Thelma J. Boyles


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