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Changes ahead in second term

December 9, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

For the second time, Barack Hussein Obama has won election, or, in the opinion of his worshipful followers, apotheosis. After all, did his first campaign staff not refer to him as "black Jesus?" Was there not a 2007 Associated Press story lauding his "ascension" to the presidency? Was not a cable television special about the re-election titled "The Second Coming"?

We must say, considering the previous four years, "in his case praise is based on expectation rather than accomplishment." (Cicero, "De Republica," fr. 5) He has now attained the "flexibility" to form the country into his philosophical ideal, the path to which requires an extreme left turn. Now, we must ask, what are the expectations of those who are his disciples?

For many of them, permanent second-class citizenship of any holding religious morality is a priority. These must be considered irrelevant in any political process and be forced by law to surrender any exercise of individual conscience. One's religious morality must be left at the exit of the individual's house of worship in accordance with the example of Vice President Joe Biden. Any morality in conflict with the whims of the "chosen one" is not to be tolerated.

There also must be an expectation that the religious contingent of the United States will accept the restrictions on religious freedom and kowtow to the scriptural interpretations from the Oval Office. In this matter, Obama has already lectured New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan on which of the millennial old doctrines the Catholic Church should change. We must expect that effecting this change will become a papal priority.

One expectation is that under the health care law the expensive obstetric and geriatric treatments will be controlled by an unimpeachable central authority, most likely staffed by experts from Planned Parenthood.

Another expectation is that there will be no untoward consequences from the HHS mandate. The East Coast abandonment of Catholic involvement in foster care must be looked at as an anomaly. There is an obligation to believe that civil disobedience is not a viable option.

They expect no possibility the Catholic bishops will refuse compliance and close Catholic schools and charitable institutions rather than materially support inherent evil. Even if so, closure of Catholic schools will be a sop to the teacher's union. There is no expectation their evangelical brothers will ally in passive resistance, but this should be of little worry, even if this does occur. The only unemployed will be those troublesome religious extremists who believe God's law transcendent.

The last expectation will be the continued trivialization of Congress and that pesky duo of the Constitution and the Decalogue. What relevance will they have when they might contradict the dictates of the bureaucratic czars of the Obama Nation?

The population has spoken and the election is over. We have a duty to accept the results, but still (temporarily) the right to peacefully and publicly regret the dystopia to which they most likely will lead.

Ed Bednar


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