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Masses care about food, shelter

December 2, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Maury Maverick was the ardent New Deal congressman and the author of the math formula democracy equals groceries plus liberty. Who put forth a series of proposals as spokesman for his colleagues in the House of Representatives in April 1937 that included the following: every "willing worker" had a right to a job; public works projects of all kinds must be expedited; a Department of Public Welfare should be established; low-cost housing must be provided; and increased taxes based on the ability to pay should be used to balance the budget?

The list seems like it is taken straight out of a press briefing by President Barack Obama following his recent re-election. The fifth item will be debated in months to come - increasing taxes based on the ability to pay, or, in other words, the rich should pay more,

Charles Austin Beard was of the most influential American historians of the first half of the 20th century. He was discredited to a great degree because of his isolationist views during World War II. Among the many works he published during his years at Columbia, the most controversial was "An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States (1913)," an interpretation of how the economic interests of the members of the Constitutional Convention affected their votes. Academics and politicians denounced the book, but it was well-respected by scholars until the 1950s. Understanding that history as we know it is written by the winners, just as the American Indians.

The idea that the elector is motivated, as the political icon of 19th century Boston politics Martin M. Lomasney put it, by food, clothing and shelter - what is food? The answer is found in Maverick's formula - groceries, of course - and that ward politics is driven by economic determinist philosophy and that the great masses vote for survival, not ideology. That's why West Virginians perceived that voting against Obama was the correct answer to the Maverick formula.

As a devotee of Beard, Lomasney and Maverick, I have lectured and I have campaigned and been elected on the Maverick formula for 30 years, understanding the correct answer of D equals X plus L is that X stands for groceries. Those who will be elected in 2016 must understand that the great masses only care about food, clothing and shelter.

Michael Traubert


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