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Cross can mean many things

November 24, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

On Aug. 26, Dale Harmon wrote, "Religion needs to be kept out of government and government needs to be kept out of religion." ("Keep government out of religion.") The Constitution says government (law) cannot dictate (form) any one religion. That is to protect all faiths, even Christianity, which our laws were first built upon in forming these United States. Quotations from the Holy Bible were used even in our school book (the "Principles") to build character and teach responsibility for our actions.

You cannot keep religion out of government because all people worship someone or something. You would have to have no government. Faith in whatever or whomever lives within the hearts and minds of the people, and people govern. By the same principle of all to worship in their own way we have freedom (yet) to say and to show (practice) our faith. The cross on the logo can mean whatever you want it to. For example, the Red Cross to illustrate blood drives; hospitals for health help; railroad crossings; and yes, even prejudices in years past. I am sure there are many more but as for me, it represents my savior, Jesus Christ, who loves us all (the world) - even me - so much as to leave Heaven and come to Earth in the form of a little baby, live a sinless life, bear all the shame mankind could put on him and rejection of so many of those he came to save from sin (all have sinned since Adam and Eve) and be hung on a cross and actually become sin for us. Even God the father could not look upon his only begotten son. All the sufferings he bore to finish the work of redemption for all mankind - when he rose again, walked this old Earth for 40 days and nights and took those waiting in paradise back with him to wait for his coming again for all those who would believe and receive his great gift of salvation. They walk (obey him) by the Holy Spirit, his power for us to live according to his word.

The choice is ours - either we will worship him, Satan or ourselves. There are no true atheists, for we are created to worship.

God created the whole universe and gave life to every living thing. He has given Jesus Christ the honor of putting all things under his feet. Why would anyone deny this great love that has been freely given? The choice is yours to accept Jesus Christ as savior and lord, live by him and be received in this great new world he is building, or deny him (accept the anti-Christ) and suffer eternity in the hell God did not create for mankind but for the devil and his followers. Choose wisely and live in peace and joy in the good times and the hard times.

Helen Porter


(Editor's note: Porter is a former lay speaker with the United Methodist Church.)

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