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Liberals still don’t get it

November 18, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

On Tuesday, James Carville, campaign manager for Bill Clinton, said the most poignant, transparent statement he heard from any liberal during the last four years, and I'm sure in the next four, "80 percent of Democrats are politically clueless." Just look at the Obamaphone people, and single mothers with three, four, five and more kids by as many fathers who drain the welfare system. I would be in favor of paying for birth control and abortions for these abusers and cheats, but not for Sandra Fluke. She claims it's her body and she can do as she pleases. It's a shame that she wants to kill another female who might be growing inside her. Doesn't that female have rights?

Sen. Pat Murray, a misguided liberal, said last week, "It might be a good idea if we fall off the fiscal cliff" - most valley amigos are clueless about what is meant by the fiscal cliff - "then we'll all suffer together." I agree. Let's get this mess over with and let the liberals bail us out. Stryker Medical, a large drug firm whose leader donated $2 millions to Obuma, is laying off 1,500 workers due to Obamacare. Medical device manufacturers will be hit with a 2.3 percent tax on their products and we'll pay the same at the drug store. Feel good yet, Obama voters? Don't blame companies for firing people and telling them it's because of Obamacare and Obama policies, it's the truth. It's nothing personal, just business. We told you so.

Here's a laugh: Attorney General Eric Holder didn't tell the president there was a investigation into Gen. David Petraeus' affair; Obama will advise Americans as soon as he finds out what really happened in Benghazi; and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice didn't get any instructions from the White House to say the attack was caused by a dumb video. No, the White House didn't lie, it's just stupid and incompetent. Want to bet 80 percent of this valley's liberals have no idea what I'm speaking about?

J. David Core asserted phony indignation over a person flying our flag upside down in protest ("Reagan's party has been hijacked," Nov. 11.) Here are a couple of questions for the writer - Have you ever flown the flag upside down during demonstrations? What is your opinion about the Mexicans in New Mexico and Arizona schools who fly our flag upside down and put the Mexican flag above it. Are you still outraged? A phony will always be a phony.

Alex Gryskevich IV wrote, "Voters of this county are apathetic," when it comes to voting on school levies ("Area doen't care about children," Nov. 11.) They're not, they overwhelmingly said no.

Kimberly Fletcher wrote she is disappointed that school levies didn't pass, and that the schools need more money to educate kids to keep them in the area ("Can't understand levy votes," Nov. 11) Please study some history - did the influx of money do any good in the last 40 years? You really think money makes students smarter? Do some research - you'll be enlightened.

Barry Bardone


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