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Can’t understand levy votes

November 11, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I'm writing with sadness because of the defeat of the Indian Creek and Jefferson County Joint Vocational School levies once again. It seems as if the voices of the children and those who are called to teach them will not be heard within this area. I'm not sure if there will be another opportunity for growth for them.

Once again people have looked to themselves in their present state of fear of losing wealth that they so desperately want to cling to - they are not looking past that toward the future. I've heard and seen firsthand the mindset of poverty and selfishness that has taken hold in this community along with deep-rooted division and bitterness among the neighboring communities, and it's a very disheartening condition. We will never be anything greater than where we see our children in the future.

I am making my opinions public because there must be someone who will not care about public backlash or community opinion and who will speak without agenda. My shoulders are broad. I feel compelled to tell all who voted not to pass the levies based upon a tax increase, bitterness or simply because you have nobody in the system - you get what you give. Having given a resounding no, once again, you've now shown an entire generation of kids that they don't deserve your support and the education that they get in the conditions they have will have to be good enough. When they become old enough to vote upon issues that will affect you, then you will reap what you've sown. Eventually this generation that continues to be denied its time will deny you with their vote as well. It is a very sad inevitability that you'll one day be forced to remember.

Do not murmur about Steubenville, do not talk about how they "steal" talents, do not speak negatively about those that you are so quick to judge because of a location that doesn't meet your high mindedness and narrow thinking. It was you who set up those who choose to leave and thrive based on their talents, dreams and desires to be noticed by their academia and their gifts. It was you who set up the silver platter for the migration of many. It will also be you who will inevitably pay far more money and pay a higher cost in the end when the school closes and they consolidate with others and build an entirely new venue and will not ask for your vote. It will just be done because there will be nobody left in a school that cannot keep up with the times. Why would anyone want to leave a brand new, state-of-the-art middle school to come to a broken system?

You served up that platter. I pray that you're able to swallow all you've put on your plate for the future. I'm sorry children and staff. My family will always support you.

Kimberly Fletcher


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