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Cross holds special meaning

November 10, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Here we go again - what is the problem with a cross, and why are so many people becoming ill when they are near it?

Would they be in extreme pain when sprinkled with holy water, or cringe when the words from the Bible are read to them?

A beam that resembled a cross was placed in a museum in New York. A woman passing by claims to have become physically sick and has hired an attorney to have it removed.

We have to remember the bombing of the Twin Towers caused thousands of loved ones to lose their lives. Survivors and family members who lost so much on Sept. 11, 2001, are now being slapped in the face from a few allegedly ill people.

The removal of the cross from Steubenville's logo was another hand-slapper from these groups.

Has anyone read Dante's "Inferno" or "Paradise Lost"? It would change minds quickly about what the power of the cross can do for all of us.

I would think that there are so many other things to do with our idle time.

I would rather follow the way of the cross and aide in feeding the hungry, giving clothes to the needy and helping the homeless. Most of my time would be spent in helping the elderly who have real illnesses. But what do we see? Here comes the organization which claims a victory over having the crosses removed.

I do believe it is the most pitiful display of humankind that I have ever heard of. What sort of response would anyone expect, who so blatantly gloat over a hollow success?

How soon will it be that the churches must be removed, or religious bookstores, food pantries, soup kitchens, parochial schools and hospitals? When will universities and young Christian associations have to close their doors?

All that will be left is a deep, dark hole in the ground, and where will that pit lead to?

Will the people who become ill at the sight of a cross be rushed the hospital? Will they need surgery and extended care? Can a rehabilitation center be recommended?

Were the police notified that this woman was accosted by a cross, and will she collect on a forced insurance for a pre-existing condition?

It is time, people of faith, to stand tall against this pettiness. Let your prayers be heard loud and clear.

I have my faith. I have my church and my God to comfort me.

What do these people have? Is it called emptiness? I will never be silent, unless I am in church, thanking our Lord for giving all of us his life on the cross.

Carol Hauber


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