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Coal-fired power plants set to close

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

On. Oct. 18, Bill Clinton made an appearance on behalf of Barack Obama at Indian Creek High School. It was reported that there were in attendance around 1,000 people. I was very disappointed in hearing that because of the destruction he inflicted on the U.S. steel industry. Because of him, we no longer have steel companies like LTV, Bethlehem and Wheeling-Pittsburgh, because of his inactions, bankruptcies, mergers and closings affected 70 mills. Clinton did to the steel industry what Obama is doing to coal.

There are approximately 204 electric coal-fired powered plants that are set to close due in large part to regulations issued by the Obama EPA (American Coalition for Clean Coal). Democratic candidates and their minions are not concerned about this and, as a matter of fact, state that Obama has helped increase coal in the U.S., yet none of them will site a place where this information can be found.

Another problem that is growing is Democratic candidates' association with unions and union leaderships. Leaders from SEIU, UAW and the AFL-CIO were present at the Democratic convention and stood in support of Obama. As union leaders, they know the financial and job-related problems that industry members are facing, yet they are still in bed with them. Like victims of abuse, they keep going back to their abuser. The president of the United Mineworkers, Cecil Roberts, has no problem supporting and doing speeches for Democratic candidates, but he tells the miners that he represents, in this election he has no opinion and has decided to sit this election out. By the way, did I mention that approximately 204 coal-fired plants are set to close?

The fact is that coal powered plants produce approximately 48 percent to 50 percent of our electricity. The Obama administration has been pushing for green energy. The green energy that is in use in the United States is about 1 percent solar ( For wind, that number is 1 percent ( As consumers this is just unacceptable.

The owners (employers) of these coal mines are supplying livelihoods to thousands of families and affordable energy to consumers. If politicians were really interested in their constituents they would be standing with the owners, because the last time I looked you need an employer to be an employee. The politicians who are in support of employers are Republicans.

Did I mention that approximately 204 coal-fired plants are set to close?

Merica Petrella


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