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Some things to laugh at

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Rarely do you get a laugh from the bombardment of political rhetoric. The robo calls are maddening.

I wish Bill Johnson would quit calling me when my favorite rerun is on.

Some of these candidates remind me of the used car salesman who used to be on television with the big statue of himself atop his business. He had a booming voice and promised the best deal. From most of the candidates we have all heard what branch of service you were in, that your daddy worked in the mine or steel mill, that you are a family man and you will create jobs even though you are running for county dog catcher and this is not in your realm of duties. These jobs have been promised for at least 30 years.

The first laugh I got this political season was the "All hat, no cattle" commercial. Then I enjoyed a few chuckles at Willard Romney's caught on tape screw-ups and his constant back-to-back contradictions of his own positions on issues that matter so much to the real taxpayers in this country and which he always "misspoke" about. He is always good for a laugh. I guess he appeals to people who think they are rich and could rub elbows with him.

The foot in mouth award though should go to Shane Thompson. He has run for office before but did not win. He says he came back to St. Clairsville because he cared so much about the area. He thinks we should elect new people with real world experience, which he claims to have as a battery recycler. This is a dig at his opponent who he implies is a career politician. I guess experience is not a good thing. Tell that to the coal miners and steel workers, the nurses and doctors, the school teachers and administrators and most career professions where we have all benefited from their knowledge.

But the real reason he deserves this award is because he wants to change business as usual in Columbus. Since he is running for state senator as a Republican and the governor is a Republican and the state Senate has 23 Republicans and only 10 Democrats, one has to wonder why he wants to change his fellow Republicans who are making the decisions.

I guess he doesn't like their experience. I know I will not be voting for someone who criticizes what he aspires to be.

Jeanne Parrish


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