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Voters should clean house

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I've been reading political ads in the papers and signs along the roadways in Jefferson County. I see them all. However, the ones that I want to write about are the county commissioners, and I'll narrow that down even further. It's the two who are seeking re-election. One takes credit for everything, while the other has done so little he can't take credit for anything.

There is one area that all three commissions fit into very well. Yes, I said three. They do not represent the citizens of Jefferson County. The following are two glaring examples:

First, the takeover of the Smithfield water system. The commissioners deliberately ignored and avoided the opinion of the 7,000-plus water district customers. These customers lost $140,000 in legal fees besides the $150,000 forgiven water bill.

Second, the possible purchase by the county of an office building in downtown Steubenville that no one wants. The county doesn't need it and the taxpayers can't afford it. This question appeared in the Herald-Star: "Should Jefferson County go forward with plans to buy the Towers?" The response - 85 percent no, 15 percent yes. I wonder who the commissioners are representing. Certainly not the majority of Jefferson County citizens.

Now we have an election on Nov. 6. This is our opportunity to get these people out of office. So put political party affiliation and nationality aside. We need to clean house. We can do better.

Remember, it's your tax dollars that they are squandering, and if you are a water customer, they know that you are being overcharged, but they refuse to do anything about it.

See you at the polls.

William R. Kopras

Cross Creek Township

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