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It’s time to stop the stench

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

The Jefferson County commissioners explained why they are not acting on a request to restructure debt for Apex Landfill, according to area news reports.

It was reported the Columbiana County Port Authority came to the county commissioners meeting to request a restructuring of debt for the landfill. Jefferson County Commissioner Tom Gentile stated the commission decided to table that request until further notice.

Gentile said they're holding off for a very simple reason - "It's not uncommon in some months to have up to 170 odor complaints in a month," Gentile said. "I talked to Pam Allen from the Ohio EPA a while back to urge them and I got them out here and they came to the conclusion that it wasn't an intermittent problem; it was a constant problem."

Well, no kidding, this is a constant problem, and that is what everyone has been telling the commissioners and the health department for some time. I am one of those people who called and complained. I am one of those people who submitted a letter to the editor voicing my complaint.

At times I walked out my door and the first thing that hits me in the face is that rotten smell of the Apex Landfill in Jefferson County. The stench is not as strong as if you were in the Amsterdam area; however, it could be detected. I do not understand why anyone should smell this out-of-state garbage in Carroll County. It is bad enough I have family and friends who reside on Springfield Township Road 267 and in the area that have to smell this rotten egg, onion and potato stench, but for it to linger over into Carroll County in the Harlem Springs area is absurd.

Gentile comments that Apex is trying to find out how much money it would save by restructuring its debt. They also want to know how much was going toward correcting the problem. If you ask me, and everyone else in the Amsterdam, East Springfield, Harlem Springs and Kilgore areas, this stench should have been taken care of long ago. Do you not agree?

Edward L. Hale


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