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Think before you vote

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Here are some random thoughts:

For those of you with children in the Edison Local School District who don't vote for the levy, I just hope your children grow up to be a little more intelligent than you are, and those of you with no children, just remember that someone voted for levies when your children were in school.

The county commissioners are going to look into the odor coming from the Apex landfill. Sure can tell it's election time.

Has any one noticed that Obama has brought Chicago-style thug politics to Washington?

Used to be that the Democrats represented the working man. They still claim to but that's part of the lie.

Remember that the 1 percenters at the top create most of the jobs that the 99 per centers at the bottom work at. Keep raising taxes on the rich and there won't be any 1 percenters to create jobs for the rest of us. Remember that government doesn't create jobs, it just kills them.

Obama is going to resurrect the coal industry. His nose keeps getting longer.

Gasoline is double what it was when Bush left office.

Nobody is going to take away senior benefits.

Please think long and hard about this country's future before you vote on Election Day.

Steve Hawkins


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