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View of debate questioned

October 14, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Clara Frey states in her letter the "president won on substance and grace." ("A view of the debate," Oct. 7) She's one of six people in America who thought President Barack Obama won his debate with Gov. Mitt Romney. Even Obama's biased media following and staff admit he lost. But she gives great reasons why Romney lost - he's a liar. Ten times she mentions he lied or was lying during the debate. Never once does she reveal when or what he lied about. She probably got paid for every time she said lie, lied, lying.

The writer didn't use one of the "lies" Obama's staff offered up for not doing well: It was Denver's high altitude, a poor moderator, he was stressed from appearing on "The View," David Letterman's show, at fundraisers while our ambassador was being murdered in Libya, it was his wedding anniversary, Romney had a voodoo doll with him or he was concerned Sandra Fluke didn't have enough money for her monthly birth control.

She states Americans should vote for Obama to continue our path of growth with stability. You can't say much for her reasoning on growth - 23 million are out of work, 17 million more are on food stamps, there have been more house foreclosures than any prior administration and 17.5 percent real unemployment, but with him in power the next four years she hopes things will change. He had four years to show us his stuff - he failed miserably.

During a recent rally, looking into the eyes of Americans, Obama said "Americans want their president to be open and honest." I bet the writer conveniently forgot about fast and furious and the Benghazi fiasco. The first thing that came to my mind was another truthful liberal when he said, "I did not have sex with that woman."

I'm happy the letter was written - it exposes the narrow-minded, uninformed and politically uneducated thoughts that many liberals have. The writer and her ilk are blind to the facts and are character assassins, not debaters. They are like a small child - say something enough times and you believe it and hope that others do. By saying Romney lied at least 10 times in the letter, I'm sure the writer believes it because you got if from an informed, non-biased source, like David Axelrod or MSNBC.

One point of logic which the writer shows a lack of is the statement that Romney doesn't know what he's talking about. If that's true, how can he be consciously lying? Think this through.

Please try to spin this: The worst top 10 cities in America, one being bombed out Detroit, another being murderland Chicago, were for many decades, and still are, managed by Democrats, while the five most successful swing states are administered by Republicans.

Barbara Caputo


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