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President has been a failure

October 14, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Obuma wanted to be the first president to bring Americans together - he failed to get the Muslim fundamentalists to love us, to fix our deplorable economy, to have an honest, open, transparent administration and to be the first black president - at least he got that half right.

He's counting on those he gives entitlements to, like the woman in Cleveland yelling she was in line for her second Obamaphone, food stamps and welfare check. Disgusting. I'm happy to know he is flushing my tax money down the toilet.

His latest deceitful act: He illegally waived a federal law that states a 60-day layoff notice must be sent to government contractors when downsizing. They will be laid off on Jan. 1, so they get their pink slips on Nov. 1. So, his highness told companies like Lockheed to suspend sending the notice until after Nov. 5 and that the government will pay any penalties and fines. My lying president takes my tax dollar and breaks the law. Yet, many voters know nothing of this tactic he evoked, and think this bum is worthy of a second term.

After our ambassador in Libya was murdered and our embassies in Cairo and Libya burned, (an act of war) he said a few words about the death of four Americans then went on to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. Then for five days he gets his staff, U.N. ambassador and press secretary to outright lie to us that the misguided Muslims were upset over some dumb video made in July. The regime reporting this tragedy is either inept, stupid or covering up.

Many polls show he's leading in swing states. The lame media wants him to win so they skew their demographics by polling 10 percent to 12 percent more Democrats - of course the entertainer-in-chief appears to be leading.

Who would you vote for? Someone who gives you cradle to grave (with Obamacare, they will decide when you get buried) entitlements or someone who gives you the opportunity to work and get ahead?

A judge in Pennsylvania ruled against voter identification. I visited six national parks last month and to get a reduced rate for seniors I had to show my identification. Liberals say it's voter suppression. No it's not - it's common sense to make sure the person voting is the person they say they are. But liberals don't want that to happen because they won't be able to have organizations like A.C.O.R.N. stuffing the ballot box with dead voters or people voting multiple times.

Valarie Jarred, Obama's mentor and most influential staff member, more powerful that his chief-of-staff, has proven she is a classroom radical, confused, naive and dishonest. Valley amigos, don't ask for examples, I would need 1,500 words at least.

We are still giving $10s of billions to his Arab Spring friends. Want those governments to get in line with us? Tell them we will be sending their money to Israel until they get their acts together.

Barry Bardone


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