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Let’s stop the cheating

October 7, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

It is time to begin fighting back, as we watched the devastating loss of the steel mills in the Ohio Valley, and thousands of workers lost their jobs. The Chinese now targeted the auto parts industry, where the Chinese government has subsidized the auto parts industry an estimated $27.5 billion since 2001, costing us a half a million good paying jobs, with another 1.6 million jobs at risk.

After 190 U.S. representatives sent a letter to President Barack Obama in March, calling for action on Chinese-made auto parts, the president took action. The president made the right choice in 2009 when he curbed the imports of tires from China. The action helped create hundreds of new jobs.

Our companies can compete with any company on a level playing field, what we cannot compete with is countries that cheat by manipulating their currency and receiving government subsidies. The Chinese government has mastered these practices. It is time to bring the cheating to an end.

Please let your elected officials and president know how you feel about being cheated out of our jobs. It is time to protect our children's future. Please stand up and be heard.

Lou Delatore


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