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Is it a baby brother or baby sister?

September 30, 2012
By LESLIE LETUSICK - Copy editor ( , The Herald-Star

From the day I found out that I was pregnant, I started wondering what the gender of the baby would be. Would it be a little girl and add pink to our house? Would it be another little boy bringing more trucks?

Little Man was just as curious. Would he get to teach a baby brother to use the potty? Or would it be a baby sister, which would mean Barbies joining our household?

Of course, there are many different old wives' tales to determine the sex. There are cute little experiments that you can do, but only one thing can tell you within 99.9 percent - an ultrasound. Well, I had mine the other day.

Before I share the news with you, I'd like to share a few of those tales and experiments I was talking about.

According this well-known belief, listening to the baby's heart rate with a Doppler ultrasound can give an indication to the gender. If the heart rate is at or above 140 beats per minute, the baby is a girl, while if it is below 140 beats per minute the baby is a boy.

The Chinese Birth chart is an ancient Chinese belief using a special calendar which takes into account the mother's age at the time of conception and the month of conception to determine whether the baby is a boy or girl.

Legend has it that if an expecting mother craves sweets such as ice cream she is carrying a girl. On the other hand, if she craves sour or salty foods, she is expecting a boy.

Traditional belief says that if a mother experiences sickness in early pregnancy, she is having a girl, and if she feels well, then she will have a boy.

It's a boy if: you are carrying the extra weight out in front; your belly looks like a basketball; your areola have darkened considerably; you are carrying low; you are craving protein - meats and cheese; your feet are colder than they were before pregnancy; the hair on your legs has grown faster during pregnancy; your hands are very dry; your pillow faces north when you sleep; Dad-to-be is gaining weight, too; pregnancy has you looking better than ever; your urine is a bright yellow in color; your nose is spreading; if you hang your wedding ring over your belly, it moves in circles; you are having headaches; and if the number is even when you add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived.

It's a girl if: you are carrying the weight in your hips and rear; your left breast is larger than your right breast; your hair gets red highlights; you are carrying high; your belly looks like a watermelon; you crave fruit; you crave orange juice; you don't look quite as good as normal during pregnancy; you are moodier than usual during pregnancy; your face breaks out more than usual; you refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread; your breasts have really blossomed; your pillow faces south when you sleep; your urine is a dull yellow in color; if you hang your wedding ring over your belly, it moves from side to side; and if the number is odd when you add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived.

All of these different ideas gave me no indication as to the sex of my child - half said boy, half said girl. The same thing happened last time. The only thing that is 100 percent (hopefully) accurate is an ultrasound. And the ultrasound said that we will be welcoming another baby boy.

"A little brother? Yeah!" said Little Man, excitedly, adding, "Good. I hate Barbies."


Now that we know the sex of our newest addition, we are in search of the perfect name.

And I am seeking help. Do you have a suggestion? One of you may think of something my husband and I haven't. So, please send your names to my attention at 401 Herald Square, Steubenville, OH 43952, or to my e-mail address Or give me a call at (740) 283-4711 on Tuesdays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. I need all ideas by Oct. 13.

(Letusick, a resident of Rayland, is a copy editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times.)

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