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Holder corrupts election process

September 30, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Attorney General Eric Holder's corruption of the American electoral system goes well beyond one precinct in Philadelphia and the racial intimidation he allowed a pair of armed Black Panthers to engage in. This corruption extends to the very concept of clean elections. Just more reason to impeach Holder is that during his time as attorney general, the Justice Department has provided cover for an attack on the basic integrity of our voting rolls.

Some background: the so-called motor-voter law passed in 1993 was designed to make it easier to register to vote. When someone goes into a state motor vehicle department, he or she is asked if they want to register. (The same question is asked in welfare agencies, food stamp offices and even methadone clinics under an addition to the law championed, incidentally, by the infamous 1960s radical academic Frances Fox Piven.) Another part of motor-voter, however, required states to keep their voter rolls free of dead and ineligible voters.

During the Bush administration, both provisions of the law - the voter registration requirement and the voter roll cleanup provisions - were enforced by the Justice Department. But once Holder, became attorney general, that changed.

In 2009, the employees of the voting section were assembled in a conference room and informed by the political appointees overseeing their work that the Justice Department would no longer be enforcing the voter roll cleanup provisions. This was surprising news, because the chief of the voting section, Christopher Coates, had just recommended opening up eight investigations into states that had more people on the voter rolls than people actually alive. The Holder Justice Department spiked those investigations, and the matter has remained in a black hole since then.

Today, more than 200 counties in America have more people on the voter rolls than people age 18 or older who are alive. Nothing could more deeply corrupt our electoral process than allowing voter rolls to be filled with ineligible dead voters, felons, fictitiously named voters and people who now live in other states; it's an invitation to those with an agenda to vote in the names of other people, or pay or coerce others to do so.

Voter rolls are allowed to be polluted by DOJ inaction, while DOJ action fills the rolls with welfare agency registrations. Rolls corrupted by the presence of felons and dead voters tend to benefit only one political party. Under Holder, the Justice Department walks a one-way political street.

Holder has made it plain that the DOJ Voting Section's agenda - to block voter ID requirements, to flood the rolls with welfare agency registrations and to aggressively enforce the Voting Rights Act against state measures to promote election integrity - is also his agenda. These acts are his top priority at Justice, where he has allowed a biased lawlessness to flourish and threaten the integrity of the presidential election, and also make it more likely that his friend Barack Obama will be re-elected.

Robert Yost


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