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Our freedoms are at risk

September 30, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I was raised in a small coal town in Jefferson County where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. It was safe. My parents raised me to respect and love God and others. My dad was a World War II veteran. Memorial Day was always spent going to services at the cemetery to show our respect for those who served and lost their lives as well as to show our love of country.

My parents were hard-working, caring people. They both belonged to the Democratic Party. I was always taught that the Democrats are for the hard-working people and the Republicans are for the rich. There are many people who believe that to be true today. The Democratic party of my parents no longer exists. Now the Republican candidates' platform is the closest I can get to the values that I was taught.

Never before in my lifetime have I seen our freedoms so at risk of being taken from us. I have never seen a situation where a vote had to be taken at a political convention to decide whether to put God back into the platform. Why was he excluded? I have never seen my religious freedom so threatened. Values have become so distorted that what is respectful, proper and caring are becoming extinct. Right is viewed as wrong and vice versa.

Even though this letter may sound like it, I do not vote for a "party." I vote for values, the values my parents taught me and that I tried to teach my son. There are many who believe that our current president has a plan to create more jobs, but we only have to look at his record to know that the changes we have seen in the last four years are not the ones promised to us. The increases in spending and job loss are having a significant effect on our area. Things have been forced on us whether we like it or not and whether they are good for us or not. I have never been so afraid of losing my freedom.

Every time I hear the term "politically correct," I wonder when did the standard by which we determine what is correct become politics? I would like to see the standard and the term change to what is "morally correct." I know that we are never all going to agree on all things. But in this "one nation under God" don't let us lose the freedom that has made us the greatest country in this world and that so many have lost their lives to secure for us.

Mary Frances "Fran" Rensi


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