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One nation, under God

September 23, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I see politicians trying to come up with solutions to make peace before America and Muslims, but they try to use diplomacy and nothing gets resolved? The reason why is because they refuse to acknowledge why Muslims hate America.

Muslims see the American lifestyle as poison. We enter in and we corrupt hearts and minds by persuading nations to adopt our immoral values. When we examine ourselves, we see a nation divided. We see those who stand on immorality warring against those who strive for all that is faithful and true. We see one group claiming they defend women's right while the other stands as the voice of the unborn. If we cannot agree as a people, how can we be an example to other nations?

We need to do some soul searching as a people. We need to examine ourselves and compare our values today to those of the men who forged our nation.

Secularism and progessivism are destroying our nation and creating enemies who hate America across the globe. Nothing good can come from evil or from evil lifestyles. Justifying sin and making it legal is not freedom. It is a death wish. If America does not return to a virtuous mindset, if America continues to bask in perverted acts that war against the common good, we won't have to worry about being destroyed by any other nations or peoples, we will destroy ourselves.

It is written in God's word that a house divided will not stand. We are seeing this occur before our very eyes as our nation has become divided and is quickly unraveling faster each passing day. Embracing sin and making it legal is not the road of freedom, it is the road toward abomination.

God gave us this nation and he can take it away. God will humble all the arrogant. Isn't it time we stop with the foolishness and put a stop to the love of abnormal, ungodly behavior?

It is better to never have known the truth then to know the truth and deny it. America knew the truth in the beginning that there is a God and she believed in him, being one nation under God. Today people refuse to believe in God, claiming it's their right. While it may be their right, that does not mean they are not wrong.

Randall M. Sims Sr.


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