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Disdainful views of Republicans

September 23, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Mitt Romney is dangerous and in denial, giving no specifics as he panders to any group. This is deception, or at best, not taking responsibility. This is not behavior you'd take from an unengaging child or bullying child, much less behavior from a candidate who could steal the presidency if you voted for him or voted for anyone else but the current president.

Josh Mandel says, "nice seeing you" when asked a very simple question he does not want to answer. It doesn't sound like he's listening to his constituency - he is just spinning.

Republican Gov. John Kasich got in just under the wire two years ago to qualify to run for governor of Ohio, coming from Lehman Brothers on Wall Street. Not a long resident of Ohio, he is one of several swing state governors who, all at the same time and as if on cue, are attempting to ruin the middle class.

Jon Husted, the Republican Ohio Secretary of State, is appealing the Supreme Court decision to fair and equal early voting. A man of law. Can you not see it? Similar things are happening in all swing states.

Please realize what is happening right at our front door. These Republican candidates are not running with a vision of service to the community. They only want to pad their own pockets with more corruption, lies and dollar bills - that is not capitalism, that is dictatorship. If you support these people, you should be questioning your own values and willingness to support and contribute to these lies, which are too many to list here.

Accurate and impartial is no longer a description given to most broadcast news we get, unless you listen to the few sources listed below. A free press is the symbol of free people and without truth there can be only slavery and degradation. This is something Reuters and the AP knew when they were created 160 years ago, but we seem to have forgotten it.

An oligarchy is what we are rapidly becoming, meaning a government run by a ruling few (wealthy families.) Yes, it is an historical term because it has happened before. It is not too late to learn from history. We would learn if we don't let Republicans and the Koch brothers get into positions of more power. One by one, they want to take your voice and your vote away. Voting Republican would create an America far worse than socialist or communist leanings that they blame the other side. It will be an America run by a few families only, a dictatorship.

This is not an extreme view, it is happening. You would know if you listen to CSPAN, MSNBC, PBS radio and television and MSNBC podcasts on library computers.

We rush to judgment rather than rush to hear the news. I encourage you to rush to hear the real news, rush to register by Oct. 9, and rush to vote.

Amy Frey


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