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Local workers need the jobs

September 2, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Where are the jobs at?

The shale oil and gas industry currently drilling away in our area claimed to be the savior of working-class people in Jefferson County. As a construction laborer for 33 years, I figured this would be good for me and other unemployed blue-collar folks. I was dead wrong.

More than 75 percent of the workers in this industry are from outside Ohio. That leaves 25 percent for local employment. I feel that a lot of people in the community are fooled because of the generous gifts these energy companies give to schools and local government. When contractors working on shale gas projects hire out of the community, all of the taxes local citizens pay adds up. This leads to community improvements and better lives for all.

The taxpayers are tired of out-of-state workers taking paychecks and depositing them in Texas, or wherever they are from and using our infrastructure while paying zero local taxes.

Bring some of the work to people living here in the Ohio Valley as it was promised by state leaders and energy companies. It is time to say something now because the work is currently here and people need it.

Mike Linn


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