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Seeking guidance on correctness

September 2, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

This letter is an apology to several regular letter writers. Being newly demoted to second-class by the current administration, I admit ignorance of the rules of political correctness and will try my best to self-censor this letter so as to not cause offense.

I am one of those guilty of the heinous crime of Ch---tianity and cannot see where the depiction of a city landmark is promotion of a religion. I humbly beg these writers to guide me in what is acceptable public discourse. Are you offended by the danger of the proposed logo becoming official, or would you find the depiction just as offensive if it remained unofficial?

Please educate me - is your pain caused by any and all religious reference or only Ch---tian symbols and any mention of Ch---t? I ask to know if the Star of D--id and the Is--mic crescent are also painful to you. Is any mention of G-d offensive, or is it acceptable if used in a curse? Must we refrain from any public reference to the Holy B--le, or cease listening to any of its ordained cl--gy? Would it be acceptable if we followed the suggestion to leave our religion and morals inside the c--rch? Or would you insist we abandon our religion and morals completely?

Do we ignore the commandment of J-sus to "make disciples of all nations?" Must we then refrain from any initiation of the Ch---tian corporal works of mercy? Must we cease feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick and those in prison and burying the dead? Do we let Darwinism have its day and glory in the survival of the fittest?

Finally, since you are incapable of ignoring the Ch---tian symbols or looking elsewhere, shall we prepare our hacksaws and ladders to avoid damaging your sensibilities any further?

Ed Bednar


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