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Some writers are questioned

August 11, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

On July 22, I was made aware that the asylums had opened their gates and released the denizens within. They were given only one simple therapy. They were instructed to write mentally deficient letters to the editor. They did as they were instructed, which was "bat-crazy opinion."

One asked, "How any American citizen could vote for President Barack Obama," saying that it was beyond his comprehension. I have a strong sense that there are many things beyond his comprehension, examples being civics, government, politics and history, among others. Oh, I forgot math and science.

Another believes that in order to be 132nd Indian, you must look like some version of the Land O'Lakes butter canoe princess. So much for his genetic expertise.

He then turned to a full Trump and began spouting birther nonsense. Aside from the proof offered from the state of Hawaii that the mentally ill keep ignoring, they don't consider the following. He states, "If Obama was proven to be foreign born, his entire presidency, including everything he's signed, everything he's accomplished, would be declared illegitimate and undone." Nice try, but there's just one problem with that - anyone born of an American citizen is bestowed citizenship. John McCain was born in Panama. Absolutely nothing would have changed under the writer's erroneous assumption.

The writer continued to whine, cry and despair about every single thing that the president has even said, done and even thought about. Remember, they do read minds. It's only one of their super powers. Crazy people do sometimes think they have super powers.

After reading all of this jibberish, one thing struck me as being particularly and conspicuously absent. That one thing would have been any mention of the name Romney. Why on Earth doesn't the writer show some love for poor old Mitt. Oh, that's right, he's not poor, because if he were, there would be no reason to hide his tax returns. Crazy and stupid is not a good combination for opinion pieces.

Oh, by the way, as long as I have evoked the Romney name, can anyone tell me why he keeps lying about the president's "You didn't build it" comment? He does know that the president was talking about roads, bridges, water, sewage and all the other things that make business possible, doesn't he? There is such a thing as videotape.

Yet another writer issued criticism to another intellectually superior writer that had nothing to do with the context of what the second writer was saying. Belief in God is "one's own affair" and does not in any way belittle religion. The writer's failure to recognize this distinction only serves to display his ignorance and inability to understand fairly simple concepts. One ink scratch or one second of my time is more than I should have to spend on this writer's fantasy.

Please return to the asylum, where you can be cared for and feel significant in some small way. Your 15 minutes of fame is not coming.

Bob Atkinson


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