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Council shows it is able to lead

August 5, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

As an American citizen (and Buckeye by birth), I would like to thank the City Council of Steubenville for doing the right thing by taking the cross off of the Steubenville city logo. Its decision to remove a clearly sectarian symbol from the Steubenville logo sends a message to all citizens that they are finally considered equal in the eyes of their city government, regardless of religious belief (or no belief.)

The cross never belonged on the seal to begin with. One can only imagine what the otherwise good people of Steubenville (who are complaining now) would have thought if a Star of David or Crescent and Star had been depicted instead of a cross?

Bravo, ladies and gentlemen, bravo. Instead of pandering, the Steubenville Council has shown itself capable of leadership.

Martin Stone

Acworth, Ga.

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