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University helps area grow, prosper

August 5, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I am a proud student of the Franciscan University of Steubenville. However , while I do go to Franciscan, it wasn't its passionately catholic teachings that drew me there, but more so, the challenging academics.

Franciscan is one of the few things that the valley, especially the Steubenville area, has left. So doesn't it make sense to include it in our town logo? The answer is yes, of course it does. And what makes it so valuable to us? The fact that it is known worldwide (not an exaggeration, I had class with the prince of Luxemburg) and what it is known for which is its passionately Catholic teachings.

I am obviously not the only person who thought this made sense, considering our Christ the King Chapel appeared on the logo, until someone from Nowhere, USA, came into the picture. It's not a symbol of what the town religiously believes in, but more so a symbol of the college in a town that allows us to grow as a community.

The separation of church and state, to my knowledge, was meant to mean that everyone is free to believe and not believe in what they want and that the government cannot decide what religion we should or shouldn't be. As far as I am aware, the city nor its logo did not force or suggest that anyone should or has to be Christian.

Let's be honest, realistic human beings for just one second if anyone can fathom it. Put aside the idea of a costly battle (even though freedom doesn't come without a cost), but look rather at the battle itself. This is hardly about a few strangers (who obviously have way too much time on their hands) who were offended by a silhouette of a cross. This is really about being told to do something that the majority of us do not believe in, which is removing or changing something that plays such a vital role to this area. If this person was truly offended by seeing the sign that was against what they stood for, then why isn't it just as wrong to make us leave out or change what many here in the valley stand for, which is to support the university, which aides in making us grow and prosper as a community.

Brittany Roe

Mingo Junction

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