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City should reconsider

July 29, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

As we all know, a controversy has been ignited over the presence of the silhouette of Christ the King Chapel in the city logo. Is this really an unjust imposition of religion on the citizens of Steubenville? Hardly. The Franciscan University of Steubenville is the backbone of our city and our nationwide claim to fame, teaching and employing not just Catholics but many non-Catholic local residents; it is an indispensable part of Steubenville. What can replace it? I cannot think of a local image more iconic than the university. The real question is this: Who is really imposing?

The Freedom from Religion Foundation threatened to impose its religion on us. Yes, religion, as defined by the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th District. In the 2005 case of Kaufman v. McCaughtry, the Court ruled that a prisoner had the First Amendment right to start a religious group, specifically, an atheist study group. Legally speaking, in this district, atheism is a religion. This same court's territory covers Madison, Wis., the location of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. It regularly attempts to impose what is legally defined as a religion in their district upon cities across the country. Is this hypocrisy or irony? There is no reason to cave in to its threats. They are doing exactly what they claim to be morally reprehensible, imposing a religion. The religion is militant atheistic secularism.

Perhaps we should consider the consequences of "freedom from religion." The initial step would be elimination of the republican form of government, as this has its roots in very religious antiquity. Only non-religious forms of government are permissible, such as socialism or fascism with the state as the ultimate end of life, or perhaps a step further, eliminate the state entirely with a system of anarchism, most likely without private property because in the mind of the majority of anarchists, property is aggression and theft, defended by immoral institutions such as the state and church. We cannot simply convert the government; we must abandon the idea of natural human rights. These ideas expressed by the (mostly Deist, some Christian) Founding Fathers have their roots in medieval scholasticism. We cannot stop there, we must also purge our society of the seven days of the week, which have their roots in religious mythology. (This may sound absurd, but it actually happened after the French Revolution.)

Simply put, to impose "freedom from religion" upon society is to break the backbone of society. The very ideas that we take for granted, such as government, property and natural rights have religious roots. To be free from religion is to be free from these, is that freedom? Just as religion is the foundation of society, so the Franciscan University of Steubenville is to Steubenville. This town would be nothing without the university and I implore the city to reconsider this decision to eliminate the symbol of one of our most important institutions and disregard the legal threats.

Mark Spinnenweber


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