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Corporations are the problem

July 29, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

It's not too much government, it's too much corporation. We need government and corporations, but corporations have one thing in mind: greed.

The government does not raise my bills for gasoline, electric, health insurance, prescription drugs, hospital visits, garbage, car insurance, mortgage insurance and groceries.

There aren't too many regulations for corporations, they say that to con you into voting Republican. If there were, how can you explain why they have a more than $2 trillion surplus and just sit on it?

Why do employees say they are doing the work of two or three people, not taking breaks, taking short lunches, working off the clock and are afraid to go on vacation because someone else will get their job?

The way it used to be, when the economy was lagging, corporations used to give consumers a break so they could afford merchandise or food. Now, corporations raise prices and, if you can afford it, you buy it; if you can't, you don't buy it.

They have found out that if only the rich can buy items because the prices are so high, they can make the same profit with less sales. Who needs little people? This means fewer employees, less benefits to pay and more money in their pockets.

I don't care what anyone says, if you give a decent wage to the middle class and below middle class people with good benefits, they will spend and keep the economy going.

I never belonged to a union, but unions are good. When I worked for a non-union company, I always received the same raise the union company got. The non-union company always kept up with the union company to keep good employees. Now they don't, and they haven't for many years. Now they can pocket that money and say unions are no good. We would have nothing if it wasn't for unions. The Republicans are trying to go back to no unions.

If you don't make $300,000 a year, you should vote Democrat. Don't be a wannabee.

The Republicans are for the rich and only think about ways to get richer. They are trying to take away Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, workers' compensation, Planned Parenthood and unions, even though we pay for Social Security and Medicare. The more they can do away with is more money they can put into their pockets.

The Republicans run Congress and won't sign any bills that won't put money in their pockets, directly or indirectly. They won't sign a bill that will create jobs, because it will make President Barack Obama look better. They are the best known Congress for saying, "No."

Don't let the rich run this country, it's our country, too. They will take everything away from us. There will be the rich and the poor.

A dictator is a person running a country. Dictator 2 is when the rich are running the country. Get that photo ID and vote for us. Vote for Obama and other Democrats.

Lee McFadden


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