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Wilson’s record still sketchy

July 22, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Charlie Wilson is back in the news. Wilson is the Democratic candidate for the 6th Congressional District and is running against incumbent Bill Johnson, R-Marietta. In an article in an area newspaper on July 16, Wilson made his case for re-election on the following arguments: he voted against Obama on some bills, he tried to vote the way the people of his district wanted him to vote and Johnson was elected because people voted against Wilson and not for Johnson. Let's review Wilson's record.

How did Wilson know what the people of his district wanted? He had "telephone town hall meetings" in which prepared questions were asked and answered. He would not schedule a phone call with me (a nurse) to discuss the health care legislation. He canceled a meeting with a select group of people at his Bridgeport office right before the meeting. Is that listening to the people?

He takes great pride in voting to save the auto industry and talks about General Motors. Has GM paid back its entire loan to the American people? What about the dealerships that were closed during the auto bailout? The bailout of GM did not work the way that we were lead to believe it would work.

Wilson is also proud of his vote on the health care legislation, which the Supreme Court now says is a tax. There are many issues with the health care legislation, such as mandating Catholic employers to fund artificial birth control and abortion-inducing drugs which are against their beliefs. That is just one of the "hidden" mandates in the bill that was more than 2,000 pages long.

Wilson discusses the economy and his own problems with being a businessman in our area. Did he ever think of the economy while he was representing us? I can't feel sorry for him now because the economy is so bad that people can't afford to buy new furniture from his store.

Johnson has done an excellent job representing all the people of our district. Johnson is working to improve the economy in our area. Last week Johnson was featured as a member of the Great American Panel on "Hannity." His comments and answers showed a great level of understanding of the problems faced by the people in his district and the United States.

Has Wilson made his arguments? Remember his record when you vote in November. Will you vote for Wilson and have more big government and voting the party line, or will you vote for Johnson, a man who has done a splendid job representing the people of the 6th Congressional District.

Michalene A. King


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