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Pay attention when you vote

July 22, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

We are witnessing, possibly, the ugliest presidential election campaign in history. Two major factors playing a role in making this particular election a mudslinging distraction are related to Supreme Court rulings. The first, assigning human status to corporations, and the second, allowing them to turn this election into a spectacle by spending massive amounts of cash with which to bathe their candidate in propaganda while dumping loads of mud on the opponent.

I believe that the election process and what follows is a sham. We have jockeyed back and forth between Democratic and Republican Presidents as well as Congresses and the national debt continued to grow from Ronald Reagan's administration to present and quality of life has diminished through the last five presidents. The Democrats and Republicans are complicit in doing nothing to improve the quality of life in America and are also complicit in allowing corporations to grow to a size, allowing them to dictate this country's policies. Not only do corporations dictate domestic policy with money distribution by lobbyists, but they have dictated foreign policy as far as influencing war.

By donating to political parties and running their millions of dollars in political ads, banks, corporations and Wall Street can get their officials elected, and from there they can get their people appointed to the key positions to stifle regulations and investigations, while we argue about non-fiscal issues that won't help our economy rebound. Congress works together in private to make sure they don't work together in public keeping Washington, D.C., status- quo.

Before you get all out bent out of shape this election season because your candidate is getting roughed up or being lied about, understand this is all choreographed to keep the public polarized. We have been cooperating with their manipulation for decades. Maybe this election we will start to realize that there are no politicians in Washington who care about the working man. They are all aligned with the ultra wealthy. Politicians don't shop in our stores, frequent our restaurants or pump their own gas. They come to our towns when putting on the show associated with their manipulation, long enough to lie to our face, and then it's on to the next gullible group in some next stop gymnasium.

President Barack Obama hasn't fulfilled many promises, and those he has are watered down versions. They blame a Republican do-nothing Congress, which is factual, but Obama had a Democrat Congress and pushed none of his original promises through. This is nothing new. When Bush was pushing through all that he wanted through his Republican Congress, he could have repealed Roe v. Wade. Republicans and Democrats alike manipulate their followers by ranting over their pet issues, but never make substantive moves for the changes that their constituents want.

Pay attention this election and decide whether you are being represented or if the people you are voting for are working against you and are bought and paid for by the very wealthy.

Joe Scalise


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