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Beware the hidden taxes

July 22, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

President Barack Obama said "no taxes on middle class." There's 32 hidden taxes in Obumacare. He said Obamacare will cost $900 billion, but the CBO recently said it'll be about $2.4 trillion. Obama was lying to us or is stupidly incompetent. Either way, he must go. He claims Mitt Romney has no business experience, are you kidding? I have more business experience than our "community organizer" ever had, and that includes his term as president.

Obama is the biggest job outsourcer there is. He closed down NASA, and now we pay Russia $20 million a flight to put our astronauts into space. He sent stimulus money to Finland, England and China to build cars. A job saver? He said he can't control gas prices. Do you think he'll take credit for recent lower prices? What an American. So is Michelle Obama when she told a conference of black pastors it's morally fine to preach her political point of view in their churches. Do you think they'll lose their tax exemption? I say let all the Catholic institutions shut down and let Obama run them - we'll soon see who the fool is.

The president wants a nanny state. He's advertising on radio for people to apply for food stamps, and wants to repeal Clinton's "work for welfare check" policy. Obama wants you to stay home and he'll send you a check. You think he is seeking votes - 80,000 new jobs in June, 85,000 new registrations for Social Security disability. How are we going to sustain this? Print and borrow more money, that's how. Reagan added 12,000 federal jobs during his presidency, Obama, 130,000. What do these people do? They'll put a lien on your bank accounts and homes if you don't pay Obamacare. Read the bill, people.

The biggest joke on TV last week? Hilary Shelton of the NAACP said this organization is not biased, and he was serious. Another liberal gave a backdoor compliment when she said about a Republican, "Wow, a conservative with a heart. How nice." Guess it's like as a Democrat with a brain.

In his letter of July 8, Dave Core really impressed his liberal valley amigos by belittling religion ("Belief in God your own affair.")

I can never figure why these people spend so much time on something they don't believe. You could read the same book - "Religion For Dummies." Yes, there is such a book.

On June 24, Guy Indovina wrote "Elect people like Charlie Wilson to help Obama." Then he states, "Vote with your brain." ("Negative attitudes don't get it.") How can he use Wilson, Obama and brain in the same thought?

Thank you, Sen. Sherrod Brown, for voting to raise our electric rates 800 percent by 2016. Our Second Amendment is in jeopardy. Hilary Clinton and Obama OK'd a treaty with the United Nations to monitor and take our guns. We should not be subservient to such a corrupt organization. Contact our senators to vote against ratification of bill. The vote is due by the end of July.

Barry Bardone


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