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Johnson has qualifications

July 8, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

In response to Charlie Wilson's guest column in the Herald-Star ("Candidate looking forward to debate on issues," June 10), I have some opinions to express. While I find him to be very personable, he is not, was not the representative he purports to be. He was constantly unavailable to those who asked to meet with him on the health care and the cap and trade bills, among others.

We now have a representative in Bill Johnson who is more than willing to meet with you face to face to solve whatever issues are facing this district. Johnson has been very visible. He has held town hall meetings, energy forums, jobs fairs and has been willing to attend various meetings of interest in and around the 6th District. In addition, he is on the ground meeting with residents who have suffered devastating losses. I do not remember Wilson doing any of these things when he held that seat.

When Wilson, a Democrat from St. Clairsville, attempts to blame Johnson for this area's struggles, he makes himself sound uninformed and ridiculous and exhibits a nasty loss of memory.

Johnson, a Republican from Marietta, has been a refreshing change, an engaged, energetic representative who actually reads and discusses each bill brought before Congress. He and his staff take the necessary actions to put forward intelligent, informed opinions. While he has not been a politician his entire life, he grasps, understands and takes action on what he reads and for what we hold him responsible.

Johnson has been a dedicated, honest, hard-working member of the work force. He has had a very successful Air Force career, has worked successfully in corporate America, has started and sold a profitable business and has a proven, respected, successful record in the federal government. Johnson has gone to Washington to vote for what is best for the people of this district, and he represents the interests of the consituents who sent him there.

Wilson claimed to have represented our interests inside the district, but then voted with Nancy Pelosi inside Washington. I'm sorry, Charlie, but those aren't the actions that serve the interests of those who work and live here. We need a strong voice, leadership and a vision for our future.

I believe that when you find a good employee you reward him or her with your confidence and your support. I have chosen to support Johnson for re-election.

Donna J. Keagler


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