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Safety first when attending parades

July 3, 2012
The Herald-Star

Independence Day is right around the corner, and in many of our communities that means spending time with family, fireworks, community festivals and, of course, parades.

Many of our communities have parades planned to help celebrate the Fourth of July, with patriotic themes, marching bands and colorful floats traveling down the city streets.

But with all the festivities, we can all sometimes get caught up in the excitement and forget some basic safety precautions.

One of the big things to remember is to always be vigilant and keep an eye on your children, especially the younger ones.

There is bound to be candy and other goodies being thrown or passed out during our local parades, and kids will sometimes run out into the street in an attempt to get as much as they can.

They might not be paying attention to the parade units and, unfortunately, there have been tragedies as a result.

Parents should always make sure they know where their children are. Don't let them run into the middle of the street.

For those in the parade, in particular those riding in vehicles or floats, make sure you are buckled in or holding tight so you don't fall off.

And, as it is summer, make sure you have some way to help keep yourself cool.

The temperatures have been skyrocketing lately, and being out in the heat for extended periods of time is not the best for anyone's health.

Make sure to be observant when crossing the street and be aware of your surroundings and the action of the parades themselves.

This is a time to celebrate our nation and all that comes with being a part of it.

We shouldn't have to spend the day in the emergency room.

So, please do what you can to stay safe, enjoy the experience and have a happy Fourth of July.

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