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Obama stands up for coal

June 23, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

As the great-granddaughter of a coal miner, and a third generation Steelworker, I understand how important coal has been to my local, state and national economy, not to mention the global economy. Coal is the future of America, and the only way we can secure that future is by investing in clean coal. President Barack Obama has stood with coal industry and invested in clean coal technology in order to secure America's energy resources for our children's future. Under Obama's leadership, in 2011 coal mining jobs reached a 15-year-high with more than 90,000 jobs nationwide.

In these tough times, there is no greater investment we can make as a country than in the clean future of coal. Clean coal will be the driver behind a more environmentally and economically sustainable America. Obama has made these investments. If Mitt Romney wins the presidency, America's clean coal future goes with it.

If clean coal is the future, then Romney is stuck in the past. The president understands how vital coal is to our economy, both internally and externally. The president wants to make sure the coal industry can compete in the future. Obama understands that long-term investments are more important to the future of America. Unfortunately, Romney only believes in short-term, profit-motivated gain. Because of that, he is no friend of the coal industry.

Where Romney has shown a disregard for creating jobs in his past as a corporate buyout specialist, Obama has always cared about making sure that coal mining jobs continue to build on this 15-year-high employment. Where Romney was 47th of 50 in job creation as governor of Massachusetts, Obama is first in making sure mine workers are protected both financially and physically.

If we're to build an economy that's meant to last, we must continue developing our domestic sources of energy including clean coal. Coal is responsible for almost half of the nation's electricity generation. Obama has made historic investments in developing these technologies to ensure that we continue powering America while safeguarding our environment in a responsible manner.

Clean coal technology means next-generation coal-fired plants will continue to play a role in our clean energy economy. The president has proposed an ambitious clean energy standard for America to generate 80 percent of our electricity from multiple clean energy sources, including clean coal, by 2035.

The president is proud of his record and the facts are clear. But Romney would like for us to quickly forget his record of attacking coal miners and their "dirty power plants" and pledging to cut off investments in clean coal. It only shows that Romney continues to make the wrong choices for the coal industry and our energy future.

Thank you, Mr. President, for standing by the coal industry.

Andrea J. Duska

Mingo Junction

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