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Jefferson County oil and gas leases

June 17, 2012
The Herald-Star

Recent oil and gas leases filed in Jefferson County include:

David L. and Cynthia J. Call to Hess Ohio Developments, 3.34 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

City of Steubenville to Hess Ohio Developments, 110.603 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Mark S. and Dawn Banal to Hess Ohio Developments, 2.977 acres, Mount Pleasant and Colerain townships.

Robert B. Porter to Hess Ohio Developments, 9.345 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

J. Robert Wetherall and others to Hess Ohio Developments, 16.156 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Jeanne R. McGrew to Hess Ohio Developments, 52.519 acres, Wayne Township.

Delbert L. and Anne M. Besece to Hess Ohio Developments, 2.6524 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Alice F. Walker to Hess Ohio Developments, 15.57 acres, Smithfield Township.

Michael D. McAbee to Hess Ohio Developments, 2.929 acres, Smithfield Township.

Joann Staten to Hess Ohio Developments, 0.407 acre, Smithfield Township.

Dennis R. and Joan E. Hazelton to Hess Ohio Developments, 4.948 acres, Smithfield and Mount Pleasant townships.

Thomas and Linda L. Borkowski to Hess Ohio Developments, 8.32 acres, Smithfield Township.

Paul S. Folmar to Hess Ohio Developments, 2.060 acres, Smithfield Township.

Charles Parker to Hess Ohio Developments, 1.655 acres, Smithfield Township.

Robert L. and Joann Whanger to Hess Ohio Developments, 2.7 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Brian S. and Kimberly S. Smith to Hess Ohio Developments, 0.461 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

William J. and Sandra L. Lollini to Hess Ohio Developments, 0.66111 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Mark R. and Becky K. O'Neill to Hess Ohio Developments, 2.685 acres, Wayne Township.

Melvin J. and Denise A. Burrier to Hess Ohio Developments, 1.316005 acres, Wells Township.

Andrew S. and Deborah J. Waldman to Hess Ohio Developments, 1.7102 acres, Smithfield Township.

David M. Simmons to Hess Ohio Developments, 7.667 acres, Smithfield, Wells, Warren and Cross Creek townships.

Matthews Family Trust to Chesapeake Exploration, 35.574 acres and 35.473 acres, Wells Township.

Joyce Raidle to Chesapeake Exploration, 35.574 acres and 35.473 acres, Wells Township.

Janice and James Wright to Chesapeake Exploration, 35.574 acres and 35.473 acres, Wells Township.

Doris J. Matthews to Chesapeake Exploration, 35.574 acres and 35.473 acres, Wells Township.

Judith and Leonard R. Turnage to Chesapeake Exploration, 35.574 acres and 35.473 acres, Wells Township.

Beverly J. Faldowski to Chesapeake Exploration, 0.68 acre, Smithfield Township.

Sue Belon to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.125 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Mary L. Underwood to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.006 acres, Island Creek Township.

Kenneth M. and Susan L. Weyrauch to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.779 acres, Springfield Township.

Keith Misselwitz to Chesapeake Exploration, 2.463 acres, Island Creek Township.

Penny L. Meeker to Chesapeake Exploration, 5.202 acres, Warren Township.

Jay A. Peterson to Chesapeake Exploration, 2.99 acres, Warren Township.

Dorothy J. Strupe to Chesapeake Exploration, 3.31 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Henry E. Leimkuehler Jr. and others to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.1 acres, Wells Township.

Terrance and Rose Mary Timmerman, 1.7950 acres, Warren Township.

Charles R. Risdon Jr. to Chesapeake Exploration, 2.75 acres, Wells Township.

Joseph T. and Peggy V. Reed to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.28 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Shirley M. Rushing to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.484 acres, Springfield Township.

Gary Millhorn to Chesapeake Exploration, 5.01 acres, Salem Township.

Jesse D. and Myrtle B. Pasco to Chesapeake Exploration, 6.61 acres, Warren Township.

Michael and Patricia M. Peterson to Chesapeake Exploration, 8.92 acres, Wells Township.

Jean A. Strupe to Chesapeake Exploration, 2.748 acres, Warren Township.

Richard R. and Debra S. Wilt to Chesapeake Exploration, 0.8920 acre, Wells Township.

David S. and Corrina V. Reed to Chesapeake Exploration, 2.44 acres, Cross Creek Township.

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