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Government should remain impartial

June 17, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

One thing that amazes me on the push to remove union influence from government is the lack of outcry to remove business influence from government. Until this is addressed, the danger of union representation being removed from government will open the door to far greater atrocities on the working man by business.

Government in no way should be partial to either. Government is to ensure both sides are treated fairly without bias. If one or the other is treated unfairly, then government must step in. Notice how I said unfairly and not unconstitutionally. The reason for this is the takeover of government by business many years ago. People need to open their minds to the fact that government is controlled by business. This is why we see the left making moves to change the tide and give government more control over business.

Yet, this is not right either. Government should have no more say in how business is run then how unions are run. Two wrongs don't make a right. Government should only be the mediator which ensures constitutionality for all. Government should not be run by business or unions. It should be impartial to both while emphasizing constitutionality so that the rights of individuals and corporations are upheld. Yet, the problem that exists today is the business laws that were changed and created which opened the door to corporate greed and the hostile takeover of our government. This has resulted in corporate rights superceding that of individuals. Our founders would never have allowed for this.

So until all laws affecting business that have brought about the hostile takeover of government by business are abolished, thus returning our nation back into the hands of individuals and not corporations, it is far too dangerous to prevent union influence in government. Although this war on union influence in government may not be wrong, until a war on corporate influence in government is addressed, it is essential the union voice remain as well.

Randall M. Sims Sr.


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