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Steubenville awards scholarships

May 21, 2012

STEUBENVILLE - More than 150 scholarships were awarded Sunday to seniors at Steubenville High School, as students were honored during a banquet held at the school.

The recipient of the Women's Club of Steubenville Scholarship was Taylor Lyons. Megan Keenan received the Rotary Club of Steubenville Scholarship. The Kindred Spirit Scholarship went to Davon Wicker, and the Medical Mutual Scholarship was awarded to Alexis Harris. Taylor Lyons and Nandi Anyabwile received the Lions Club of Steubenville scholarships.

Allyson Freeman was awarded the Huntington Bank Scholarship, and Britney Williams received the Labelle Methodist Church Scholarship. Anthony Lucas, Megan Hammer, Tierra Banks, Tyler Casto, Megan Brown, Swan Brown, Emily Albaugh, Maci Mettenberger and Zoe Zirille received the Steubenville City Schools Foundation scholarships.

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Jeremy Kins
SPEAKER — Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin spoke on Sunday to a crowd of hundreds as more than 150 scholarships were awarded to graduating Steubenville High School seniors during a banquet held in the Crimson Commons area of the high school.

Sydney Banks was awarded the SCS Minority Education Scholarship, and Josh Fordham and Swan Brown were recipients of the Sojourner Truth Federated Club scholarships. The Legends of Big Red Football Scholarship went to Marcus Prather, with LeShawn Luke and Hannah Meyer receiving the Big Red Boosters scholarships.

The SHS Football Mothers Scholarship was awarded to Davon Wicker; Serra Family Scholarship, Megan Brown; SHS Alumni scholarships, Michael Petrides and Andalyn Dugan; Kiwanis Club of Steubenville, Ray Humienny; Comcast Scholarship, Morgan Olmstead; the Laurels Health Care Scholarship, Taylor Lyons; and the Mastroianni Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro.

The Franciscan University of Steubenville scholarships went to Josh Fordham, Alexis Harris and Tera Scheider. The Eastern Gateway Community College Scholarship was awarded to Rachel Zink, and the Robert Morris University Scholarship went to Tierra Mitchell

The L.A.W.S. Movement Memorial Scholarship was awarded to LeShawn Luke, while the Kerr Scholarship went to Jordan Mavromatis. Hannah Meyer, Rachel Zink and Mike Camiletti received the Saltsman scholarships, and Anthony Lucas was the recipient of the Milliken Scholarship. Hannah Meyer was awarded the Repella Scholarship, and Megan Keenan, Mercedes Lancia and Michael Petrides received the Santiago Ching scholarships.

Jo Jo Pierro was awarded the Debbie Beattie Memorial Scholarship; the Mary Coleman Scholarship, Samantha Kurty; BEEMAS Scholarship, Morgan Olmstead; Michael Williams Scholarship, Najee Murray; the Class of '59 Scholarship, Michael Nodianos; Paul Firm Memorial Scholarship, Melinda Freeman; Jack Kaufman Scholarship, Cliff Larsen; Dr. Nick Sarap Medical School Scholarship, Ryan Johnson; Gloria J. Gosseye Memorial Scholarship, Josh Fordham; and the Edward A. and Gentile Giannamore Golembeski Scholarship, Simone Lewis.

Britney Williams, Alexis Harris, Lauren Karas, Zoe Zirille, Jordan Mavromatis, Tierra Mitchell and Joe Lemasters were recipients of the Barbara S. Johnson scholarships; J&V Kelley Scholarship, Zach Clayton; Marsha Coffman Memorial Scholarship, Kathryn Gardner; Barren Family Scholarship, LeShawn Luke; Bob and Jane Medley Scholarship, Chelsey Evans; Gladys Anderson Scholarship, Tera Scheider; Derek L. Hughes Scholarship, Najee Murray; Albert Teramana Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro; Wilson/Zavacky Scholarship, Sydney Banks; and the Mary Cornelius Scholarship, LeShawn Luke.

The Christy Ricelli Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kathryn Gardner; Billy Goettge Scholarship, Tera Scheider; Donald Hamann III Memorial Scholarship, Melinda Freeman; Starliper Family Scholarship, Hannah Meyer; Herbert W. Leicy Memorial Scholarship, Allyson Freeman; Huntington Memorial Scholarship, Simone Lewis; Angie Baker Memorial Scholarship, Mercedes Lancia; Joanne McGowan Memorial Scholarship, Nandi Anyabwile; and the Class of '61 Scholarship, Mikala Saltsman.

The Pietro Scaffidi Soccer Scholarship went to Ray Humienny; Shirley Sweeney Memorial Scholarship, Megan Hammer; L.I.S.A. Scholarship, Morgan Olmstead; Bud and Mary Lou Turrentine Scholarship, Josh Fordham; Douglas Naylor Soccer Scholarship, Ray Humienny; Marjorie T. Lane scholarships, Michael Nodianos, Jacob Howarth and Anthony Lucas; and the Sandy Grimm Swimming Scholarship, Alex Nagy.

The Dick and Margaret Baker Scholarship was awarded to Lauren Karas; William Callender Memorial Scholarship, LeShawn Luke; Lee Ann Corsi Memorial Scholarship, Hannah Meyer; Cori Morrow Scholarship, Alex Nagy; First Lt. Greg Besozzi Scholarship, Ryan Vojvodich; Albino Bodo Scholarship, Mike Camilletti; Brian Morrow Scholarship, Zach Clayton; Firm Family Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro; Abe Bryan Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro; and Chuck Watt scholarships, Mike Camilletti and Ryan Vojvodich.

The Eleanor Naylor Scholarship was received by Emily Baird; Gaylord Scholarship, Stellina Tsouris; Vince Gryszka Scholarship, Mike Nodianos; Joan J. Powell Scholarship, Chelsey Evans; Musgrave/Mukingum Alumni Scholarship, Joe Lemasters; Naomi Cook Memorial Scholarship, Megan Keenan; Yanok Family Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro; and the Vein Family Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro.

Tierra Mitchell, Tera Scheider, Kiara Moio and Rachel Zink were awarded the Charles M. and Thelma M. Pugliese Charitable Foundation scholarships; Kamarados Memorial Scholarship, Zach Clayton; Coach Bob Hedmond Athletic Scholarship, LeShawn Luke; Saccoccia Family scholarships, Jo Jo Pierro and Mike Camilletti; and the Stan and Carole Gaston scholarships went to Danielle Harvey, Cliff Larsen, Megan Keenan and Emily Baird.

Chelsey Evans was awarded the Gloria Matthews Coan Scholarship. Julie Paprockie, Ray Humienny and Britney Williams received the Samuel S. Johnston scholarships; Lt. John Casper Kaufman Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Simone Lewis; Dorothy Porter Simmons scholarships, Mercedes Lancia and Julie Paprocki; Judith Martin Fulton Elementary Education Scholarship, Kathryn Gardner; and the Lewis Giammarco Scholarship, Tyler Casto.

Mike Camilletti and Jo Jo Pierro received the Shirley Klein Memorial Scholarship; John Pergi Scholarship, Mercedes Lancia; Millicent Pearce Kaufman Scholarship, Morgan Coulter; Fahey Family Scholarship, Emily Baird; Edward J. Pales Scholarship, Nandi Anyabwile; Bressler Family Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro; Corsi Family Scholarship, Marcus Prather; and the Crosier/Keenan Family Scholarship, Shawn McGee.

Stellina Tsouris received the D'Anniballe Family Scholarship. The Kittle Scholarship was awarded to Andalyn Dugan and Ryan Vojvodich. Mike Camilletti received the Howard "Tiny" Linn Scholarship; Dr. Dan Keenan Family Scholarship, Megan Keenan; James Murray Scholarship, Morgan Olmstead; Ang Vaccaro scholarships, LeShawn Luke and Hannah Meyer; and the Richard Vosper Memorial Athletic Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro.

Stellina Tsouris was the recipient of the Dr. Donna R. White Scholarship; Thomas R. Brown, DDS Scholarship, Mike Petrides; Susie Henderson Memorial Scholarship, Taylor Lyons; JJ Macedonia Memorial Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro ; John Maltese Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro; Patterson Scholarship, Samantha Kurty; Sarap Family Scholarship, Mike Nodianos; Douglas Applegate, Mikala Saltsman and Danielle Harvey; Georgiafandis Scholarship, Mike Petrides; and the Dean Martin Scholarship, Emily Baird.

The Mick Scholarship was awarded to Mikala Saltsman; Pearce Scholarship, Kiara Moio; George and Mary Belle Wade Memorial Scholarship, Emily Baird; Ranallo Family Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro; Lighthizer Memorial scholarships, Chelsey Evans and Mikala Saltsman; Harry Reed Scholarship, Allyson Freeman; Edith Wilson Memorial scholarships, Jo Jo Pierro, Hannah Meyer and LeShawn Luke; Crawley Scholarship, Josh Fordham; Hauser Scholarship, Morgan Coulter; Dennis Palmer Memorial Scholarship, Taylor Lyons; and the Rhinaman Family Scholarship, Cliff Larsen.

The Academy of Tae Kwon Do Scholarship was awarded to Megan Keenan; Romano Memorial Scholarship, Mike Nodianos; David E. Hindman Scholarship, Josh Fordham; Curtis Greenberg Scholarship, Simone Lewis; Albaugh-Wherry Scholarship, Emily Baird; McBride Scholarship, Jordan Mavromatis; Ed and Virginia Bauknect Scholarship, Tera Scheider; and the Barkhurt scholarships, Jacob Howarth, Stellina Tsouris and Samantha Kurty.

The Lodge Scholarship was awarded to Samantha Kurty. Morgan Olmstead, Cliff Larsen and Ray Humienny received the Smythe scholarships. The Bressler Scholarship was received by Danielle Harvey; Joe Heatherington Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro; Helen B. and William Priest Sr. scholarships, Megan Keenan, Taylor Lyons and Nandi Anyabwile; JC Williams Trust Scholarship, Stellina Tsouris; Doug Naylor Scholarship, Jo Jo Pierro; and the Bertah Egan Scholarship, Mike Nodianos.

The Harding Middle School Parent/Teacher Organization Scholarship went to Kiara Moio; Harding Staff Scholarship, Zoe Zirille; and the Harding Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies and Students Against Destructive Decisions scholarships were awarded to Josh Fordham and Allyson Freeman.

The West Pugliese Elementary School PTO Scholarship went to Michael Nodianos, and the West Pugliese Staff Scholarship went to Andalyn Dugan.

The East Elementary School PTO Scholarship went to Tierra Banks, and the East Elementary Staff Scholarship was awarded to LeShawn Luke.

The Wells Academy PTO Scholarship was awarded to Lauren Karas, and Morgan Olmstead was the recipient of the Wells Academy Staff Scholarship.

The WTOV-TV Red Donley scholarships were awarded to LeShawn Luke, Najee Murray, William Lee, Jo Jo Pierro and Simon Saxon; Student Education Association, Samantha Kurty; Beta Club Scholarship, Megan Keenan; National Honor Society Scholarship, Michael Nodianos; Nike Club Scholarship, Lauren Karas; Sandy Nininger Scholarship, Jordan Quinn; and Key Club scholarships, Jordan Quinn and Hannah Meyer.

The top 10 graduating seniors of the Class of 2012 were announced during the banquet and they are, in order, valedictorians Emily Baird and Megan Keenan, salutatorian Jo Jo Pierro, Tierra Mitchell, Mercedes Lancia, Julie Paprocki, Raymond Humienny, Stellina Tsouris, Morgan Olmstead and Michael Petrides.

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