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No real leadership here

May 20, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Every time I hear or read U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, use that tea party term "big government," I get irritated, as this is not true, and that statement is used to appeal to the baser senses people have about government. As a rule, most people resent being governed, period.

Do you ever realize where we would be without big government to deal with the likes of big industry, big banking and all of the other big special interests in this country and around the world?

So, I say get off of it and speak the truth.

What they interpret as big government is government that protects the people from harm, greed and total disregard for the rights and welfare of the average working man. They worry more about the wealthy than the middle class, especially in how they are taxed, and not how they should be taxed.

Their idea of Social Security, Medicare, OSHA and the EPA is what they call big government, and they give no thought to where the health and welfare of the working and middle classes would be without these programs.

They need a history lesson about labor relations and how working people in the country were treated prior to the 1950s. It was not a pretty picture, and it is why we openly criticize other nations about conditions of workers in their nations.

Prior to Social Security, working people who left the work force also left their dignity behind, as most did not make enough to set aside anything for retirement.

Prior to Medicare, working people had no medical care that amounted to much, and most died early as a result.

Prior to the EPA, industry used the rivers as their private sewers and poisoned the waters we drink and the air we breathe - read about the criticism of how Chinese industries abuse the natural resources of their nation and you will see the kind of abuse industry in this nation was committing to our natural resources prior to the EPA.

The largest financial debacle in the history of this nation was caused by a total disregard for the laws the Bush Administration chose to ignore because it did not want to appear to be "big government."

You cannot send a boy when the job calls for a man, and this is the case in government - it takes power to confront power.

If you removed all of the controls in this country, it would implode in a short time. Don't be swayed by the sloganeers who appeal to the ignorant with words and offer no solutions, only criticism. That won't do the job in this world today.

People like Johnson need to be voted out - they, like the party they represent, are regressive and offer no real leadership for our country or our district.

Guy Indovina


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